Monday, July 18, 2016

17 months

On the 24th of July we celebrated c turning 17 months old! Charlotte is definitely acting more and more like a big girl! She can tell you what she what's pretty well and expresses her pleasure and displeasure very well! She will tell you no no when she doesn't like something or doesn't want to do some thing. She now will tell you to "sit" down with her and that she wants "more more" of something. She can be quite demanding!! 
She loves playing in the baking supplies! 

 She also loves singing twinkle twinkle little star "cunkle cunkle" "uppa Ba". 
Another huge thing she did this month was use the potty! She had shown a little interest and had been waking up dry after her nap so I had the baby potty ready. One day after nap I stuck her on it and she went! We danced and sang and she got to eat m&m! She loved it. She has been several more times but we aren't being consistent or pushing it quite yet. She likes to sit on it with her clothes on, get up, and demand a candy. Sometimes she will put her babies on the potty or in the potty and then ask for a candy. She is too funny! 

She also has been very into her great grandmother Mimi this month. When the phone rings she always looks up and says "Mimi?" . She also "calls" Mimi on her play phone. Whenever she finds a phone she wants to call her. Now that Mimi has FaceTime Charlotte loves to call and see her! 

We continue to work on her using a utensil and it's going well although is so messy and slow. She gets so proud when she successfully stabs a bite with her fork and then gets it in her mouth. We have to clap every time too! 

She knows all the letters (so it seems), pretty much all the colors, and several shapes so we are starting numbers now. She really likes 8 and can pick it every time. She is also starting to put words together!! She says things like "M blub blub" meaning "auntie m rode the fish on the carousel" and "peas dada up" meaning "daddy please put me in mama B's wheel chair and ride me around".  Putting these words together just reinforces that our baby is not much of a baby any more! 
She thinks she is rolling her tongue here. She will come up to us and make that face and we have to roll our tongues! 

This month she finished her summer program at school and will start back in August in the toddlers class. She will have more structure and activities and I for one am so excited about that! She will miss the babies who stay behind in the nursery though. She would always talk about "cool"  (school) and "baby" when we talked about school. 
She fell asleep before we got home every day after school! 

She loves to play with Sonny
 ("ah-nee) and one night during a storm he went to her room to hide with her while she was trying to go to sleep. His birthday was also the 24th and he was 7 years old!! We love our boy and I have loved watching him become a big brother! 

She loves to eat just about anything. Her favorites now are "chee" (cheese), "wama" (watermelon), "bumber" (cucumber), "pe" (both pickles and peaches) "nana" (banana), and "take" (steak). 

My favorite thing c does is play pretend! She loves to feed her dolls and "change" them. She will also pretend to feed us. Right now she likes to have her mermaid baby sit with her and feed her as she feels herself. She will make a little smacking sound when she feeds her that is adorable. She is the sweetest little mama! 
Crashed out with baby shelia! 

This was a big month for c! She went to the beach and celebrated the Fourth of July with all of my family. She had the greatest time and got so much love!! 
She also spent a whole week with momsie and pop while Forrest and I went to London. She did great! She ate and slept well and didn't seem to mind that we were gone. She did run to me when I picked her up and was nervous to let me go for a few days. I didn't complain---I missed my baby so much!! 
I can't believe she will be a year and a half next month!! She has changed so much and I know more is to come. I want to hold on to her baby-ness as long as I can! 


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