Monday, July 18, 2016

4th of July

This year for the 4th we took a big family trip to the beach, just like we did last year. Since c loves the beach I was excited to get back so quickly and watch her enjoy herself, plus it was extra special since our family would all be there. 
My sister actually wasn't going to come but she surprised my parents and showed up right before we left. That meant she would ride down with me, my mom and c. We all picked c up from school and she was beyond excited to see her favorite ladies in the car!! She was great on the ride down and we were at the beach before we knew it. 
We spent a couple of days just girls, then dad and Forrest got there on Friday, and then Roy and ann arrived on Sunday. Here are some pictures of our fabulous week! 
We loved the overcast days. They were a little cooler and c could stay out longer! 

Girls dinner at cafe grazzie

So excited about the beach!

Building sand castles with pop

This girl is a daredevil! 

In the afternoons this little sand bar would pop up. C loved that she could run around on it by herself. One day people put their chairs and umbrellas on it and c walked around giving people high fives and collecting seashells, which she tried to eat so now she is banned from playing with them. 

Lunch with daddy before he heads home. I'm so glad I caught this moment--c thinks she is rolling her tongue like daddy. 

Happy 4th! She loved the flag!! 

She was quite content in her little pool in he beach. 

Ariel and c love the beach! 

Until next time beach!! 

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