Monday, July 18, 2016

London day one!

Three years ago Forrest and I signed up for a British airways credit card simply for the bonus which amounted to two free round trip first class tickets to Europe. We were so excited to use them but of course life got in the way! It's not that easy for two professionals to take a week off of work (especially right after a couple beach trips that kept us from work for a few days), not to mention the fact that we have our precious girl whom we don't like to leave!! It was actually very hard for me to commit to the trip because I didn't want to leave Charlotte for too long but we didn't want to lose the tickets so I manned up and headed to London for a few days. We signed up for a Hyatt card and received 4 free nights at any Hyatt world wide, so not only were our first class flights free but so was our hotel! Who could resist a free European vacation?! 
I actually got really sad upon take off to be leaning my sweet girl but knew she was going to have a great time staying with momsie and pop. She actually loves riding in their car so when they picked her up she waved bye to us and was ready to go! That helped this sad mama! So did the lay flat seat, free new released movies, and champagne! 

We arrived in London on Sunday afternoon and went straight to the landmark London for brunch at their winter garden. 

Afterwards we ambled around town on the way to our hotel. My favorite stop was 221 Baker Street, address of Sherlock Holmes! 

We checked in to our hotel, the Hyatt andaz, and watched the end of the Wimbledon finals. It was pretty cool to be in London when Andy murray won! We celebrated in the neighborhood at the spitalfield market with a little snack. 

Next we had fish and chips in a local pub and watched the euro cup finals. How European were we?! 

That was about as much as my jet lag could take so it was off to bed on the first day. Next day, highclere castle! 

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