Monday, August 8, 2016

18 months

I'm in utter disbelief that I'm writing this post--18 months? How? How have 18 months passed?! 

Her newest fun words this month are "guck" (juice) and "ebie" (zebra), and "iggy" (sealy, her stuffed seal). she is putting two and sometimes three word sentences and is able to explain what she wants or what someone or something has done pretty well. For example she will say "ahnee ball" meaning "Sonny has a ball" or "I want to throw the ball to Sonny". It's all about the context--sometimes I have to take a bit to figure it out. One night she said "Mimi, baby, mama" and that meant "mama please sing me the rock a bye baby song like Mimi does". That one made me think!  She also says "up" and is learning the difference between up and down. She will say "ope" if she drops something (oops) and boom when something falls. She also likes to "ip" which means flip and also sip--she likes taking sips out of people's drinks. 
Arcade at the beach! 

Also if you ask her what daddy fixes she will say "teeth". She has also mastered scooting down the stairs and will stop walking way before the edge of the steps, sit down, drag herself to the stairs and say "coot". She will try to repeat just about any word you ask her to and is so proud. Last week she was proud of attempting to say "mayonnaise". 
First trip to the dollar tree! 

She is really starting to get away from her morning nap. She will take it occasionally if she wakes up a little early but she can skip it and usually does. If she takes a morning nap she will sleep from around 10-11am and then 3-430pm and if she only takes one nap it's from about 1 or 130-430.  She eats two dinners (5:30 and 7:30) and she gets in the bath about 8 and then we read and she goes to sleep by around 9. She has been going to bed like a big girl and I am so proud of her for that. She actually will tell me "eep" (sleep) when she wants to go to bed. She still uses her pacifier at bed time and she needs her pillow and blanket. 
Pretending to sleep in the hall way 

This month has been so much fun for her. We went to the beach for a quick weekend so Forrest could speak at a dental conference. We had a great time playing in the pool during the day and going to the Baytown wharf at night. 

We also went to the zoo and have visited Mimi and granddaddy twice! 

She also started back to school this month! I have been so proud that she hasn't cried one year at drop off. She seems to enjoy school and when I ask her how her day was she says "baby". 

She also has been bringing home an art project each day and I absolutely love that! We put them on the refrigerator and she loves to point at them. 

Some funny things I hope I never forget: the night we got home from the beach c wanted to feed the cats their treats. Well, she popped one into her mouth! I used all my tricks to get it but she refused to spit it out. When I asked her why she ate that and why she disobeyed mommy she just looked up at me with her head tossed back and meowed. So funny! 
Also one night she saw Sonny scratching his back on her carpet and she laid down next to him and started to wiggle just like him. 
She is 33 inches tall (90%) and 22 pounds 8 ounces (50%). She used to put on several pounds between doctors appointments but now she puts on inches! She has grown 6 inches in a year and 5 pounds. She becomes more of a little girl and less of a baby every day! 

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