Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chattanooga fun

We are so so happy that my sister, auntie m or just "m" to Charlotte, lives in Chattanooga because she is so close to us and there are so many fun things to do there! After London we wanted to spend all of our time doing "Charlotte things" so we packed up for a day trip to see auntie m.

First stop was the aquarium. Last time we went we did the ocean side so we opted for the river side this time. 
She loves the "blub blub" (fish). 

Petting the sturgeon. She was actually a little nervous!

After lunch we went back to her house to take a nap. Charlotte loves playing with m's sweet little dog Georgia "go-go". They are always getting into mischief together. 

After a good nap we headed to the park for some fun!!

First stop carousel! C was so excited she was kind of in a daze, just taking it all in!!

C loved this fish that m chose to ride--she still will tell us "m blub blub blub" meaning "auntie m rode a fish on the carousel".

Next we went to the splash pad! I couldn't get a good picture because she was always on the move! She loved loved it. She loved watching the other children too!

Afterwards we hit the toy store. C loved this tent!! We have got to add one to her Christmas wish list!

 We ended the day with a yummy dinner and then headed home. It was a quick day but a great day spent with our girl and her favorite m!

Worst selfie of all time!!


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