Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Destin family weekend

Forrest had the opportunity to be a speaker host at a dental conference in destin so Charlotte and I jumped at the opportunity to join him. We stayed at San destin and since his conference was on the bay side we opted to stay there rather than on the beach. That ended up being a great decision because he was able to come eat lunch with us each day! We were determined to have a relaxing weekend and just go with the flow and that's exactly what we did!
Before we left I painted Charlotte's toe nails pink. I could never get a picture of them but this was her reaction: 
The first thing she did was show them to Sonny! Also she kept saying "toes pink" throughout the trip.
When we arrived on Thursday night we went straight to the wharf to eat dinner. We ate at Marlin grill and it was fantastic! We stopped and got some ice cream on the way back to the room and got side tracked at the pool. It was a zero entry pool--so you entered like you were entering the ocean--perfect for Charlotte! She went right in wearing her clothes and was just so excited we let her. Sometimes you have to let them be little! 

The next morning we slept late and watched tv while we ate breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning at the pool. Sometimes it's so nice just to be--I'm usually so scheduled and always on a clock so that means c is as well. We loved this little break from our schedule! 

Chilling and being lazy with my baby!

That night we went to the vendors reception, where Forrest won two prizes, and then we headed back to the wharf for some dinner and fun! 

First stop, the arcade!! We all had the greatest time!! I love arcade games!!

Play ground with my piggy and crown please! 

A little ice cream makes this little cow a lot happy! 
She would not take the crown off and she wanted piggy to eat "bumber" (cucumber) with her. 
A fun ride on the carousel with mommy!! 

The next day was pretty much the same--sleeping in, pool fun, and then a nap! 
Isn't this pool the best for little ones?! 

Daddy stopped by with a snack during a break! First doughnut! 

After her nap we drove down 30a and stopped to play on the beach and eat a snack. We wrapped up the evening with another swim in the pool, some pizza, and some olympics. 

It was a quick weekend but a great weekend with my little family and I hope I never forget these sweet times. 
First dip cone made the ride home a little more bareable! (Although c has gotten way better at being in the car and she loves watching movies--we watched beauty and the beast sing along songs quite a few times this trip). 

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