Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last Day In London, Day 5

I surprised Forrest on Father's Day with special tour in London--a Maserati tour! That is, he got to drive the Maserati GT through London!

He is very into cars so this was right up his alley. We had a wonderful guide who told us all about the car, gave a few instructions, and then we were off. 

Forrest had two options--drive slowly through town looking at the sights or test out the car's capabilities around Kensington Park--you can guess which one he chose! I was "lucky" enough to get to ride along in the back (with all of our luggage, mind you) and I really really should have opted out of that privilege. The car was FAST and it was a convertible AND he was driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car. 

I was totally freaking out but Forrest had no trouble with the differences and had a great time! Don't you just LOVE when you nail a gift?

That sadly was our last adventure in London--we were off to the airport right after they peeled my screaming, pale white body off of the red leather seats. We got to spend some time in the awesome first class lounge (where we had free food, drinks, and I even got a free facial). By this time I was SO ready to get home to Charlotte. I knew she had been having a great time with my parents but I had been away from her for far far far too long. I missed her sweet little baby talk and snuggles and couldn't wait to hold her! I calculated that we would be able to pick her up by about 8pm if all went well, but unfortunately the flight was delayed and I think I actually miscalculated by an hour (that time change is hard, ok?) and so at some point during the flight I realized we wouldn't make it in time to get her before she went to sleep at that it would probably be better for her to just sleep through the night. Oh I was SO sad--I sat there and silently cried while watching War and Peace (I have got to finish that mini series--it was so good). 
Dinner helped.. 

Thankfully, we made it home without incident and got to bed at a descent hour. The next morning Forrest went to work (he is so tough--I didn't even attempt) and I went to get my little one! When she saw me she kind of paused and then the biggest smile spread across her face and she ran to me and grabbed me and would not let go. It was the sweetest sweetest moment. I know that getting away from it all for a while is a good thing for us and for her too but holding her made me never want to leave her again. Life as a mom may not be glamours or relaxing or clean or easy but it is the best life and I wouldn't change it for all the trips in all the world.

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