Wednesday, August 10, 2016

London day 3

So you know Forrest is the athletic, outdoorsy, adventurous one and he always encourages me to step outside my comfort zone and join him in his pursuits! On this trip he wanted to do a bike tour and found one of Windsor castle and eton. I agreed because it all looked pretty flat and the bikes had baskets--how hard could it be if the bike has a basket?

Never mind that I haven't ridden a bike in probably twenty years and I have never ever been on one with hand breaks (so ok maybe longer than 20 years...). I was determined that I could handle it. We arrived in Windsor full of excitement and anticipation. It was cooler than expects that day so I wore a really random mash up of clothes, made all the more wild by my Union Jack bike helmet.

 Then the rain started and the dread set in. I was riding a bike for the first time in ages in the pouring down rain. Oh and through a muddy field. 

I thought the field was bad and then we got to the road. With actual cars. Driving on the wrong side of the road. I was seriously terrified. I kept thinking that I would fall off and get run over and never see my Charlotte again. Dramatic much?! We made it to the stopping point for lunch and we seriously tried to quit the tour but we had to go back so we persevered. We ended up right back where we started and we never saw eton or Windsor castle--that involves walking through the rain. At that point we tapped out. No thank you England. We have basically been riding around in the mud and traffic for nothing for two hours and now you tell me we have to do something extra to see the highlights we were promised? Um, just no. We hightailed it out of there--sorry queen--I know the castle was lovely but I'm sure you would rather me and my sopping wet pants not drip all over your hardwoods. You are welcome.

Only descent thing we saw was this mural. All o remember is it was done in 48 hours with spray paint and might have to do with the olympics. 

After a shower we were in much better spirits and took a little side trip to kings cross station to see platform 9 3/4 fromHarry Potter. There was a big line to take professional photos with it so we improvised. 

Next we were off to our food tour and as it was raining again we were kind of dreading it. It however turned out to be fabulous and one of the highlights of our trip! We met some great people, had great food and drinks, and learned a little about the SOHO district in the process. I highly recommend food tours to anyone when they travel--we are hooked!
First stop, tacos and margaritas. Now this is more like it, England! 

What used to be a meat pie--delish--at a gin distillery. We learned lots about the history of gin and I learned to like it! We had a little tasting and it all came together for me. 

Next it was off to an iberico ham shop (that had pig legs hanging in it) for a ham and cheese and red wine tasting! Yum! 

We actually went to three more places--one for tapas, one for Chinese dumplings and tea, and finally a basement bar for desserts and a sweet drink. Not quite sure why I didn't take pictures there!! Oh well! The memories will have to live on forever in our bellies! 


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