Wednesday, August 10, 2016

London, Day 4

I refer to our 4th day in London as our "fancy day".  We started the day with lunch at Dinner by Heston (yes, started---we slept so late that day the first thing we did was eat lunch--we never really settled into the time change). This was our anniversary treat--lunch at a Michelin Star restaurant. Heston Blumenthal is the owner of another Michelin rated restaurant in England--The Fat Duck. We had quite a lovely meal and exquisite service. They even surprised us with an anniversary treat!

Afterwards we went across the street to "Harvey Nicks" (Harvey Nichols) for some shopping. I ended up finding an amazing bargain on some Charlotte Olympia cat flats (yes, the cat lady in me sneaks out from time to time) and got a make over! We also shopped for a while in Harrods. Wow--is it big. Forrest and I got separated and it took forever to find each other! Next it was on to afternoon tea at Brown's Hotel. Is there anything more marvelous than afternoon tea? I really think not. Browns was darling and we were able to just sit and relax and take everything all in.

Afterwards we wandered down Bond street and through the neighborhood and found ourselves in the theater district--SOHO once again. On a whim I stood in the cancellations line for The Book of Mormon and since I was first, I got a pair of tickets--7th row! We had a little tapas snack before heading into the show.

Gin and fancy corn dogs!

I have to admit it was such a great theater experience--they had tons of snacks and drinks available for purchase to be consumed during the show (some theaters I've been too wouldn't let you have food in there--I appreciated the ability to eat an ice cream bar!). The show--wow. It was so funny but quite sacrilegious--I'm not even sure what to say more than that. If you are interested--maybe read some reviews before attending. The man next to me left at intermission!
Impromptu theater fun!! 
Afterwards we wandered around and sort of meandered back to the hotel--it was our last night and we had to savor every minute!! 

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