Friday, September 9, 2016

19 months

This month Charlotte has started "reading to us". She will hold the book and babble away and then turn the page and start over. She gets mad if you don't let her do it her way! 
Her pretending game is pretty strong. She likes to pretend feed her dolls and animals or give them juice or a pacifier. She also likes to change them when we change her and will sometimes go to check her baby's diaper. She is a regular little mama. She still likes to play with her shoes and really likes to dress up now. 

I'm working on teaching her the names of clothes and how to put them on. If you tell her she looks pretty she usually will point to her head and say "bow". 

She is turning the corner with her utensils and pretty much using them full time. I don't quite trust her with a plate yet though, as she tends to throw them. She does like to eat cereal and milk out of a bowl on her own though and it is a hot mess but she loves it. 
This is what most eating looks like at our house now..

 Stickers are huge around our house and I'm always checking myself for rouge ones. I went to court with two minions on my arms one day and walked all over the Atlanta aquarium with one stuck to the back of my thigh. She is into princesses and minions right now. She says "Ba" for belle and "Beas" for beast and "Ella" for Cinderella. Also "bitty" is sleeping beauty. She still loves to dance and we love to watch her. She is still loving her singing sprouts class and can't wait to "immy" (shimmy) each week! 

She is into songs now and likes me to sing Disney songs. She loves a whole new world, beauty and the beast, part of your world, and once upon a dream. She will ask me to sing different ones like I'm a juke box but I don't care--I love that we can sing together. I loved singing with my mom and this was one of the things that I looked forward to when I learned I was having a baby. She also likes to yell at our amazon echo "Alexa" and tell her to play songs. "Ak minion" means "Alexa play the minions!" 

Her vocabulary is growing but her pronunciation it's catching up as quickly. I love her using her little baby words and I know they will go away soon so I'm soaking them up. I
I love it when she says "iddy da da" (or whomever) meaning silly da da when he acts funny! I can't list all of her words anymore but she is able to make herself understood verbally much much better than last month. It's like her vocabulary exploded over night! 

 She also loves loves loves the play ground and the slide. I can't believe she can do it all herself!! She gets upset when it's time to go home! 
Along those same lines, she has started throwing little fits when she doesn't get her way. She will scream and kick or stomp her little feet for a few seconds. We calmly pick her up and tell her we don't act that way, but I fear the terrible twos are approaching! 

Finally, she is still loving school! She is always excited to show me the art project she makes daily and will "tell me" about her day. Usually she says "ace" which means "Wes" who is her little friend who shares his hash browns with her in the mornings. She also tells me about Lilly and Ariana and Jane (she has her owns words for them of course). After school we drive by daddy's office to show him her craft and then we head home for her to take a long nap. I stay home with her those afternoons and work while she snoozes. 
Other fun things this month: first stomach virus (not so fun), first pony tail, 

first ice cream (see above) and first time to hold and pet a kitten!! She loves that cat so much!! 




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