Monday, October 3, 2016

Tuscaloosa Girl

We spent the past weekend in Tuscaloosa--our favorite place! It was homecoming and so there would be lots of extra fun things for Charlotte to do plus several of our friends would be there too. We went down Friday night and were thrilled to be able to snag a reservation at Chris Hastings' new restaurant, Side by side. We were nervous about taking Charlotte but they were very accommodating and friendly to her (not always the case when you take a child to a restaurant). We opted to sit outside so she could be a bit more free and she had so much fun--waving at people (especially those walking dogs), beeping when a car would honk its horn, and perhaps picking a few flowers out of the landscape. Our dinner was lovely, as was the weather. It was a perfect fall evening!

The next morning my mom and dad watched c while Forrest and I had a date at our favorite breakfast spot, the Waysider. We sat at the same table we used to back in the day when we were still just dating. That feels like forever ago!! Afterwards we loaded up and went to campus to check it out. There are so many changes going on around campus--it's exciting to take it all in! It looks so different than when I was still there. 

 Charlotte took a little nap in the stroller and we really all had a nice morning just wandering around. It felt like fall so it was nice to be outside! 

After a quick lunch we posted up for the parade. I was so nervous that Charlotte would be terrified. She is afraid of the sound of the vacuum and anything similar (hair dryer, lawn mower, mixer, etc) so I thought the band and all the trucks might not thrill her. She actually did great! She sat on Forrest shoulders which I think made her feel comfortable and she danced (while sitting) and clapped. 
Her favorite part was the horse! She was beside herself. I guess she has never seen a real one and it blew her little baby mind. If you ask her about the parade she will tell you "horse" and then blow a raspberry (how she makes the horse sound). We also saw my cousin juju who c loves!! Afterwards we strolled around some more and met up with some friends for a while.

After Charlotte took a long nap we got her ready and went to the game. Again I was nervous about the noise scaring her. She gets scared of applause and also if we are watching football and start screaming at the tv--taking her to a game sounds like a smart idea right? I wouldn't take her except for the fact that the kick off time worked perfectly with her schedule and we had an extra ticket and a place to stay the night. Also, and most importantly, we were definitely going to win the game so I didn't mind being preoccupied and having to leave early. We started off in the stadium club with dinner. She was excited to see some "big girls" she knows from the neighborhood and I was glad they were there too because it made her feel comfortable. 
Side note--she thought her new Keds were totally awesome--she showed them to everyone.

Luckily their seats are right behind ours so I figured if she got scared they could distract her. Forrest had the lovely task of carrying her up the five flights of stairs to our seats and the whole time we were talking about how much fun she was going to have. We got to our seats and gave her a juice cup and a shaker and she was fine!!

 I was so impressed with her. She loved seeing all the flags, watching birds fly overhead, shaking her shaker, screaming a minute after everyone else did, and saying "boom" when the players would hit. We just passed her from person to person and she was content the whole time. 

We left at halftime quite pleasantly surprised with the whole experience! 
Now that we know it can be done, I'm looking forward to more football weekends with our girl! (And bama wins of course) 

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