Wednesday, November 2, 2016

20 months

This month has been more of the same from our little lady. Her vocabulary continues to grow and she is putting words together in different ways now. She still uses only 2 and occasionally 3 word phrases I heard 4 words one time) but they are getting more and more "sophisticated" if that is possible, and more demanding. for example, she will say "mama bah-der" which means "Mama you are bothering me!" Isn't that so funny! It's like she is a teenager!

She still pronounces things in her own way (ah you mama=love you mama) but I know that over time she will start sounding more and more grown up. I'm not ready to give up her baby talk just now! I did hear one of her little classmates say "bye bye Sar-lotte" and I kind of freaked out. She does not say her name that clearly (it comes out "ah-di") and that worried me. I know language develops at different rates so I'm trying to be cool about it. I currently speak fluent "Charlotte" so I generally know what she is talking about although others may not.

Since there isn't much new to report this month I will tell a little bit about her days and what she does. I know one day I won't remember these little things that consume us right now!
On days she goes to school, we generally have to wake her up (usually right before 8am). She doesn't like to eat right away so breakfast is hard--usually she is playing with her food mostly unless she wakes up earlier on her own. They have a snack right when she gets to school so I don't worry about this usually. I would wake her up earlier but I kind of hate to make her wake up before she absolutely has to (because I hate waking up before I have to). I take her to school and a teacher comes and gets her from the car and she happily goes about her day. I go to work and then pick her up when it's time for dismissal. She is usually excited to tell me something about the art project she made that day (my fridge is covered in them) and then we ride down to Forrest's office to visit him for a quick minute. Then we head home and she takes a long nap (usually until between 3:30 and 4:30) and I catch up on paperwork and housework. She usually eats her first dinner at 5:30 and then she eats again at 7:30. At her "first dinner" she eats more dinner type foods (basically whatever we are eating) and then at "second dinner" she eats cereal or a scrambled egg and fruit. Then it's time for a bath (which she still LOVES--and right now we practice letters, numbers, and shapes during that time). We get her ready for bed and then read her some books (she likes to choose them herself) and then I turn off the lights and rock her a little while she drinks some milk. I usually sing to her, either songs from Singing Sprouts (she loves to do "Hello little sprout, hello to _______" and loves to tell me what name to fill in) or Disney songs, and say her prayers and then I put her down and she goes to sleep. She still uses her satin pillow and blanket and has two wubanub pacifiers in bed with her (so she can find one at all times). I'm not willing to let any of her sleep items go quite yet!!

On non school days her "Nae Nae" (baby sitter Rachel) comes and stays with her while we are at work and we both get to go home and eat lunch with her before starting our afternoons back at the office.
One thing we are working on this month is discipline. She is very well behaved and a very content little lady but sometimes she will disobey. It's really hard to discipline her because I'm not exactly sure what all she understands about it. We have put her in time out a few times recently (for throwing food on the floor during dinner--which she thinks is hilarious) but I can tell she does not get it. We use a stern voice and tell her no and put her in time out but she just giggles and thinks it's a game. I realized one day that she would throw food on the floor and then point to the time out spot--she had figured out that if she threw food she could get out of the high chair--the little rascal!!  I know consistency is key so we are just going to keeping trying to figure out what works best for her age and her personality. Thankfully we haven't hit the terrible twos quite yet but she is so inquisitive and determined that I don't doubt they will be upon us when she gets a little closer to two.
Charlotte is very lucky to have a wonderful family that loves her and is excited about her! In recent months she really tries to communicate about them and to them so we are trying to make an effort to facetime them more so she is able to see everyone even when they aren't close. Sometimes she will just start "telling" me about them and it's adorable. She currently calls Forrest's parents (Mama and Papa B) simply "B" and my parents (Momsie and Pop) are "Mah-Nah" or "Mah-Ni" and Pop right now. My sister is "M" and my sister in law is "Ann", but she really can't say my brother Roy's name yet--although she gives it a good effort. Forrest's brother is "Day Day" and she tries hard to say Aunt Megumi, and gets in the ball park I'd say! She also talks about "Mimi" "Ann" (Aunt Fran) and "Sebe" (her godfather Stevie).

She still loves playing outside  and will say "ah-ni ball!" meaning "I want to throw the ball to Sonny!" We are enjoying the nice weather in the afternoons so we can stroll after dinner. Other favorites are stickers, minions, and now dressing up. She also likes to color and read books and still plays pretend with her animals and baby dolls. Her arch enemy still is the vacuum cleaner. She has finally mastered "Roll Tide" (well, more like "oll Tide" and will say it any time she sees a shaker. She enjoyed going to the Alabama v. Texas A&M game this month and cheering on the team! 
We wish nothing but health and happiness for this little one and are excited about the upcoming holidays with her.  This is a fun age as she is excited about every little thing!


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