Tuesday, November 29, 2016

21 months

Charlotte turned 21 months on Thanksgiving! This year we did a little something different for the holiday--our family of three went to the beach! My oh my how relaxing it was! There was no crowd, the weather was perfect, and we just did what we wanted when we wanted. It was a great way to recharge our batteries and spend some quality time together. 

 Charlotte loved the beach as usual, and luckily it was warm enough for her to play outside in her bathing suit. She kept finding it and bringing it to us saying "suit on, suit on!" 

She really wanted to be in the water which was pretty cold, but she would stand at the edge anyway. 

There is an indoor pool at our building so she did get to swim. Now that we are back she is still asking to be taken to the pool! She loved collecting shells this time and wanted us to hold them all for her.

 I love seeing her little face when she discovers something or when something delights her and there was no shortage of exciting discoveries at the beach. This age really is fun because everything to her is new and exciting and she shows it.

Her talking really picked up this month. She has started to say "all done", "did it!" "oh no" "clean it up". She is using adjectives regularly now as well-- "big bite" "bad cat" "nasty mess". She has started to call us mommy and daddy rather than mama and dada and every now and then she calls herself "Ah-dit" rather than "ad-di". Slowly but surely we are getting closer to her saying her own name correctly. I just love listening to her little baby voice and especially love her own little sayings. For example, when she wants you to pick her up she will hold up her arms and say "baby". It's precious!!

Right now she likes playing in "tunnels" and will crawl into the tiniest of spaces! Forrest has arranged some old furniture into "tunnels" for her to crawl through and under and she absolutely loves it! She will run up to one of us saying "tunnel tunnel" so we all have to go upstairs and play. It is so fun to watch her joyfully play! Now that it is cold outside and since it gets dark so early we can't really play outside much so I like that she has a way to run around a be active indoors. 

She really is an active little lady who doesn't like to sit still for long! That being said, however, she really does like to sit and color (she especially loves to trace her hands and feet, or for someone else to) and she enjoys having us read to her. She likes to choose the book herself and she is really into the ones that have things on each page for her to feel, so we are working on feeling words like fuzzy, rough, smooth, etc.

We are looking forward to Christmas with her this year--everything will be so new and exciting to her! I'm looking forward to her picking out the tree, seeing all the lights, and understanding what presents are. The magic of Christmas doesn't last forever, so I'm wanting to hold onto all of these memories as tightly as I can!



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