Friday, January 27, 2017

23 months

We have had another language explosion since Christmas--she has become such a big girl (and she will say that too). She says throw away, Charlotte come too, Right here, Stay here, Anymore, "Now"! 

She is really using the potty a lot and will sometimes tell us when she wants to go. She is so funny--she likes her privacy already. She wants us to cover her with a towel when she goes (usually only the white towel will do) or she will pull the shower curtain around her.

She has gotten into Peppa Pig and loves to jump in muddy puddles. She doesn't get to watch a lot of tv but she enjoys her preschool pre videos and doc mcstuffins, Mickey Mouse club house, and the lion guard. She also went to her first movie, Moana. We made it nearly to the end. 

She loves to sing and has started to sing songs on her own. She can do the ABC song (skipping several letters of course) and Wheels on the Bus. She's also pretty good at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Everybody Wants to be a Cat (or everybody be cat, to her) from Aristocats.  I love hearing her sweet little voice.
She also loves to read by herself. We will read her a story and then she will want to read it back to us. I'm really impressed with her memory--she remembers the stories and can tell us what happens on each page even if we haven't read it to her recently.

 She is going to school 4 days a week now, since her wonderful Nae Nae is going to have a baby soon ("Baby Becca"). She seems to enjoy it although she is very tired by the end of the week. I bet she will get used to in another week or so. She has also started going to music class at school and she LOVES it. She told me that they "marched" the first day and then the next week they sang Jesus Loves Me. She likes to sing the part about "They are weak but He is STRONG". She adds a little growl to that last part. She also goes to Singing Sprouts again, or "shimmy" as she calls it, and is SO happy. This year the theme is God's Creation and so far we have learned about the stars and moon which she loves! 
I can't believe she is about to be two--this past year has been so wonderful and gone by so quickly!! I have had fun planning her party and I think it's helping me keep from being a weepy mess! 


Christmas 2016

We were SO looking forward to this Christmas since Charlotte was older and could understand it more. Here is a look!!

Just like last year, Charlotte really loved the tree! Unlike last year, she decided that it was a "mess" and she needed to "clean it up". She really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time rearranging the ornaments. Some of her favorites were "circle" and "mommy's car". 

Charlotte got to go to a party and meet Santa and "Old ady" as she called her. She enjoyed the cookies and listening to a story.

Brunch at Blu to celebrate Daddy's birthday with Mama and Papa B. Papa B got mistaken for Santa!

Decorating the school tree with her little classmates. 

Charlotte's class Christmas party. The babies were so cute! Charlotte was out of school for a whole month and even though she missed school very much she enjoyed her time at home. She started sleeping until 9am, got to go to Mommy's office several times, and got to spend lots of time with her Nae Nae before she goes to have her baby. It was a really sweet and special time before a big change for us all in January. 

We are so lucky to have such a sweet and fun Smith and Bailey family! Charlotte loved the tacky sweater party, but mostly enjoyed playing with her big buddy Henry. C wasn't exactly tacky, but Daddy won first prize!

We all really enjoyed Christmas at the Falls! Charlotte got to ride the train, make an ornament, meet Santa, and visit the petting zoo. Of course, we all loved seeing the lights!

We also enjoyed our drive through River Country Campground to see the lights. We had to drive through twice so Charlotte could say hello to the blow up minions. Afterwards we got frozen yogurt--it's starting to be a tradition!

We had a fun morning having brunch with Santa! Charlotte was a little timid, but she decided she liked Santa when he gave her a sucker. 

M and Charlotte started their own tradition of making gingerbread houses. Charlotte got to decorate it however she wanted. 

We had our annual Pancakes and Pajamas breakfast with Uncle Day Day and Aunt Megumi on Christmas Eve. Charlotte was allowed to open one present, but she wanted to open them all! 

After Christmas Eve Mass, we had dinner at Aunt Susan and Uncle Bruce's house, followed by presents! Charlotte had a great time playing with her cousin Brooks and opening gifts. 

Charlotte was very excited to learn that Santa and his reindeer would be visiting. She and daddy sprinkled reindeer food on the yard (and she told Sonny "no no" so he wouldn't eat it) and then she left cake and milk for Santa by the fireplace. She would look up the chimney and say " 'mon Santa--cake--milk!"

Christmas morning was so much fun! Charlotte got a roller coaster (which we learned a lesson--don't give the big present first or she won't want to play with anything else), dress up clothes and shoes, and puzzles and coloring books, amongst other things. It was such a sweet and exciting morning for just the three of us. 

After opening presents at home it was time to go to Momsie and Pop's for brunch and more presents!

After a nice long nap for us all, it was time for dinner and even more presents at Mama and Papa B's house. Charlotte loved the little table and chairs they had painted for her. 

As if that wasn't enough, we had Christmas again the day after with my grandparents and mother's family. It was a really sweet day and since Charlotte is the only baby she got lots of love and attention. Looking back it was all the more special because we didn't know we would lose my Granddaddy two weeks later. I will be forever grateful that we were able to share that special day with him and that he got to know his great granddaughter. 

Even though Christmas is tiring and I'm usually ready for everything to go back to normal, this year was a little bit extra special. I don't think I will ever forget it honestly, and it reminded me to never take a single day, holiday or not, for granted.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Year In Review

Time sure flies when you are having fun!! Here is a look back at this past year!

We took Charlotte to West Palm Beach to have her portrait made. It was a fun little trip for our family.

We celebrated Charlotte's first birthday with a "Some Bunny is One Party". It was such a sweet day, one of my favorite days ever. 


22 months

 This month has been a big one in my opinion. Charlotte has all of a sudden started speaking in "sentences". Not real adult sentences of course, but baby sentences. "Shimmy shake me ball nose!" That means "I would like to sing the song form singing sprouts (shimmy) called "can you shake along with me" (shake me) and I would like to put the ball on my nose" (the song says put your shaker on your...insert body part here). These very rudimentary sentences came out of nowhere one day and still surprise me a little!

 She also uses the words "come" and "go", although not always correctly, and she uses "me" and "too" sometimes.
Lately she has become miss independent. "Ah-dit do it" is the phrase heard most often around our house these days. She wants to dress herself, carry things herself, and so most everything herself. This has been hard for this type a mama to work with but I am trying to let her learn in her own way. Sometimes this independence has forced me to choose my battles quite frequently. On Forrest's birthday we went to surprise him at lunch and Charlotte refused to wear anything other than her fairy princess dress up dress. I know that I cannot indulge her every whim but I'm trying to strike a balance between letting her be herself and discipline. Of course, it didn't matter what she wore that day so I let it go, but if we had been going to church, I would have made her wear something else. Also one week she decided to start whining and fake crying in attempt to get her way (let me tell you how well that did not work with us).

She still really loves to color and dress up, and she loves playing with babies and make up. She loves to read and sing and play hide and seek and find "tunnels" to hide in. She is a busy baby and we love seeing what she comes up with. 

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