Thursday, January 5, 2017

2016 Year In Review

Time sure flies when you are having fun!! Here is a look back at this past year!

We took Charlotte to West Palm Beach to have her portrait made. It was a fun little trip for our family.

We celebrated Charlotte's first birthday with a "Some Bunny is One Party". It was such a sweet day, one of my favorite days ever. 


Forrest and I went to Old Edwards Inn with Julie and Lance and Charlotte spent the whole weekend away from us for the first time. We also took her to the zoo for the first time and she LOVED it! Her eyes got so wide when she say the elephants! We celebrated Easter and Charlotte LOVED hunting eggs and was quite the fan of the Easter bunny. 

A nice slow month, but we visited the aquarium for the first time and c loved it! 

We had a lovely Mother's Day and a big Memorial Day weekend! C got to stay at Mimi's, go to the zoo with family, and swim! Some of her favorite things! 

Charlotte started preschool! She cried at drop off but she loved playing with her little friends! We also went to the beach for a dental conference  and to celebrate or anniversary. 

More beach fun for the Baileys! My family all got together at the beach for the 4th.  Also Forrest and I went to London! It was hard to leave Charlotte for so long but it was the trip of a life time!! 

One last beach trip for another dental conference. It was nice to be in destin for the first time in a while. Charlotte started back to school and we love her class and teachers, mrs Teleah and mrs Jill, so much!

Charlotte started a music class, singing sprouts! She loved every minute and still likes to shake and shimmy and sing the songs she learned. 

Charlotte went to her first Alabama football game and loved it! She actually got to go to two that month! It was fun to watch her clap and cheer when the crowd would. We also had a fun Halloween--Charlotte was tinkerbell!

Another football game for the baileys! 
We also went to the beach for Thanksgiving, just the three of us. It was such a sweet and special time.



December was full of parties and family and fun!! Forrest and I spent NYE in Atlanta cheering on the Tide in the Peach Bowl for the playoffs.

We were very blessed this year to be able to spend our time surrounded by lots of friends and family. Little did we know that we would lose my granddaddy after the first of the year. It is a reminder to us all to live life to the fullest and to fill your days with lots of love and laughter!


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