Thursday, January 5, 2017

22 months

 This month has been a big one in my opinion. Charlotte has all of a sudden started speaking in "sentences". Not real adult sentences of course, but baby sentences. "Shimmy shake me ball nose!" That means "I would like to sing the song form singing sprouts (shimmy) called "can you shake along with me" (shake me) and I would like to put the ball on my nose" (the song says put your shaker on your...insert body part here). These very rudimentary sentences came out of nowhere one day and still surprise me a little!

 She also uses the words "come" and "go", although not always correctly, and she uses "me" and "too" sometimes.
Lately she has become miss independent. "Ah-dit do it" is the phrase heard most often around our house these days. She wants to dress herself, carry things herself, and so most everything herself. This has been hard for this type a mama to work with but I am trying to let her learn in her own way. Sometimes this independence has forced me to choose my battles quite frequently. On Forrest's birthday we went to surprise him at lunch and Charlotte refused to wear anything other than her fairy princess dress up dress. I know that I cannot indulge her every whim but I'm trying to strike a balance between letting her be herself and discipline. Of course, it didn't matter what she wore that day so I let it go, but if we had been going to church, I would have made her wear something else. Also one week she decided to start whining and fake crying in attempt to get her way (let me tell you how well that did not work with us).

She still really loves to color and dress up, and she loves playing with babies and make up. She loves to read and sing and play hide and seek and find "tunnels" to hide in. She is a busy baby and we love seeing what she comes up with. 


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