Monday, February 27, 2017

Disney Princess Day

Our second day at Disney was jam packed with princesses. We spent Thursday at the magic kingdom, which turns out was a great plan. The crowd was small and the lines were short--it was perfect! We started the day with breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table--aka breakfast with princesses in the castle. We started by meeting Cinderella--Charlotte was in awe! 
If you are contemplating a Disney trip with a little one, a character meal is where it's at! The food is good, you get to sit and eat gobs of food for as long as you like, and the characters come right to you--no lines! Charlotte wasn't super great about waiting her turn (which you have to do) but it was far easier to entertain her in a restaurant than in a line. Plus, you knock out several characters all at once! 

She was in heaven! Her favorite was most definitely jasmine! 
Afterwards we caught a show outside of the castle--mickeys friendship faire. It was so sweet and again c loved seeing her favorite characters. 

Next it was off to ride some rides--we had fast passed some but the crowds were so short we really didn't even need them. We used the extra time to see princesses that we didn't think we would get to see! 
She was so excited to see Ariel with a tail before we rode the little mermaid ride!

First Mickey ice cream! 

Since we had extra time we were able to see Rapunzle and one of Charlotte's favorites, Tiana! 

We also got to ride the carousel--C really enjoyed it and all the other rides as well. 

Next we had reservations at Be Our Guest for lunch--c didn't exactly make it...
She still naps each day and we were committted to leaving the park for a nap, but she got tired before she usually does (I wonder why). 
After nap we went back to the park. We rode the jungle cruise which she absolutely loved! I was so lucky to snag a last minute reservation for dinner at the Crystal Palace, which is a buffet with Pooh and his friends!! This restaurant is also located in a primo spot that allows you to watch the light show and the fireworks! 
At first she was afraid the fireworks were hurting the castle! Then she decided she liked them! 
Next it was time to meet Pooh and his gang! 

She got to bounce with Tigger! 


By the time we were finished our girl was so tired but so happy! We rode the resort boat back to the hotel and were able to catch the electric water pageant on the way! What a fun day!









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