Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Disney Trip 2017

Where do I even begin??!! As I'm sure you all know (because I was very vocal in my disappointment) we had to cancel our October Disney trip due to a hurricane. I was so devastated that we decided to reschedule! We just got back and I can honestly say it was the best trip! I had some reservations with taking Charlotte at her age but she did great and loved every single second. I was not worried about her being afraid of the characters, since she wasn't afraid of the Easter bunny, and always liked seeing big al at the football games, but travel can sometimes be hard with a baby on a schedule. Luckily we worked wishing her routine and she had the time of her life! 
We left on Wednesday at 12 which was awesome--we didn't have to wake up extra early or rush to leave the house. We used our southwest points so our flight was free, and Charlotte is under two so she flew for free as a lap child. She was very excited to get on the airplane!

We elected to have a car pick us up at the airport with a car seat rather than wait on the magical express shuttle, since we arrived right at naptime. The shuttle is free but can take a while, so this expedited the process to getting us to the hotel to get her down for a nap. We arrived at the Polynesian and we were very pleased with how cute it was! Charlotte loves getting a lei and a chocolate chip cookie at check in. I know I teared up when they told us "welcome home", and pretty much stayed in a teary state the rest of the trip. 
Notice our Minnie stroller--last minute I decided I didn't want to haul our giant stroller all the way down there and picked up this sweet Minnie stroller at Walmart. Since c doesn't sleep in the stroller it was a great decision for us--it was light and compact yet got us where we needed to go quickly and easily. 

The Polynesian room was very cute. We got our room by purchasing points left over from Disney vacation club members, so we had a choice room for about 1/3 of the cost! Charlotte's favorite part of the room was the little Murphy bed! 

After a nap, we went to chef Mickey! We didn't want to buy a park ticket for less than half a day so we elected to just do a meal at a resort and of course chef Mickey was our top choice! While we waited for our table (just a few minutes as we had a reservation) Charlotte saw donal duck walk through the restaurant. She was amazed! She screamed "DONALD duck mommy" and tried to run to him. It was precious! 

We thought our meal was quite nice (although looking back the rest of our meals were far superior, although this one was fine). However the characters were the stars of the evening! Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed herself, and so did we. 

C was a little nervous of Goofy--he was pretty big. She kept telling him to go home! 
When she saw Mickey she was so excited! She clammed up a little when she got close to him, as she did with many characters. She got star struck! 
Minnie was her favorite! She called for her as she walked through the restaurant. She was so excited to hug her and show her the Minnie Mouse shoes she was wearing. 

DONALD was a big hit! She got to do a fun dance with him! 

She was also into Pluto pretty much the whole trip. She got to wag her tail and dance with him--heaven! 
She was so exhausted that night and we had the absolute best time watching her face light up and get excited! I was worried that the trip might be too much for her but it only took one meal to realize that was definitely not the case! 







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