Thursday, March 23, 2017

Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom

I was so glad I had the foresight NOT to plan a character breakfast--we were wiped out! We were doing our best to respect nap, bedtime and meal times but it didn't matter--we were all so tired! We enjoyed sleeping in that morning and running all the way to the back of Animal Kingdom to make our fast pass appointment for the Kilimanjaro Safari. First of all, fast passes--do them. Also the safari, do it!  You ride though a wildlife preserve up close and personal to the animals. Charlotte was in awe and so were we! She kept looking at us like "are you seeing how close they are?"

The coolest part was seeing the newborn elephant frolicking around!

 Afterwards we watched the Festival of the Lion King, which she also really enjoyed, and we got to watch part of Nemo the Musical. 

It's about 45 minutes long so C was not interested in staying the entire time. I thought it was super imaginative so I was bummed to leave. We stopped for her to watch the big drop of the Everest roller coaster and she thought the screaming people were hilarious. It was an interesting take, needless to say. We had lunch at Tusker House--with safari characters. It was a buffet but the food was delicious. C made her peace with Goofy--she loved him, and especially loved participating in the parade!


On the way out we caught a quick bird show. Dozens of macaws filled the sky and Charlotte held out her hand--she thought one would land on her. She is still mad about it! It was such a cute moment. 

She took a shorter than usual nap so we decided to hit the pool for a bit before going back to the park. Our girl LOVES a pool and the Polynesian resort pools were top notch. One had a toddler area complete with slide and she was in love!

We decided to spend our last night in the Magic Kingdom and it was a sweet last hurrah. 

We got to ride several rides, using our own fast passes and a few that some sweet people handed us in Epcot the night before. Forrest and I conquered our phobia of Dumbo (we don't spin well) and we made a last minute decision to see Enchanted Tales with Belle, which turned out to be a highlight of the trip. 

C was selected to be a tiny salt shaker in the play, and she LOVED seeing Belle. When she came in she jumped up and screamed "Belle Mommy" and ran over to her. 

It was adorable. Since we had already seen the fireworks we spent the time during them getting on rides quickly--we managed to do It's a Small World and Peter Pan's flight pretty quickly before we had to call it a night.

I was really prepared to be exhausted and burned out by the end of this trip--but I felt the complete opposite. I was so sad to leave behind all the fun! We were tired and it was definitely time for Charlotte to go home, but there is seriously something magical about Disney, and I didn't see how I could go back to every day life after experiencing it.


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