Thursday, March 23, 2017

Charlotte's Birthday Party

Ooo La La! Charlotte is TWO!
My sister actually came up with the idea of doing a Madeline birthday party for Charlotte back in October. I wanted something sweet and simple and not overly themey and of course something that C was excited about. She loved playing with my Madeline doll at my parents' house, so we took that idea and ran. Since she still takes a nice afternoon nap, we had the party in the morning, so we had brunch food. As we did last year, we pretty much only invited family, with a few close family friends with children around her age. The day turned out to be so much fun, and Charlotte really enjoyed it herself! Here is a look! (Major thanks to Farrah for being my party photographer!)

The table was in Madeline themed colors--a mix of primary red, yellow and blue. My Aunt Fran had the perfect table cloths (which I since ruined in the wash) and I had actually purchased the fans for Forrest's 30th birthday but never used them. Like last year, my mom did the flowers. She used the daffodils booking in her own yard and that made the arrangements extra special. 

Because Charlotte takes a nap around 1 or 1:30, we had to do a morning party. I was still not ready to do a party with a bunch of babies so we stuck to family and a few friends this year--I can only have so many in my house before it starts to burst st the seems! Since it was more of a grown up party, we did a French brunch theme, which basically means breakfast foods and mimosas. 

Chicken and waffles 

French toast sticks and syrup 

Coffee bar 

Actual bar, with different juices for mimosas as well as bloody Mary's (I had my first one at this party). 

Dessert table! We had madelines, which Mrs Beryl made despite the fact Rachel was in labor (she also made sausage balls), doughnut holes, mini muffins, and cookies. 

We had to have personalized napkins of course! (Which we will probably still be using when she is 12)

The entry table had my old Madeline doll and books and also had a new Madeline book for guests to leave a message in for Charlotte. 

The kiddos each got a "Genevieve" puppy to take home with them, just like Madeline. Although, I kind of felt like Melissa McCarthy in bridesmaids when handing out puppy party favors. 

The cake made to match Madeline's hat was absolutely perfect!! 

I had a couple of kids tables dressed with simple fabric toppers (that I later ruined when I put in the washing machine--oh well). 

We had a cute Madeline photo booth with a cut out we borrowed from a friend at school and props we borrowed from
John Robert. 

I had Charlotte's Madeline costume custom made from Etsy--I thought it turned out perfectly!! 

We could not have had a more fun day with our little birthday girl!! Hope you enjoyed this little peek!












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