Thursday, March 23, 2017


Forrest has been wanting to take Charlotte skiing since she could walk--for real. He absolutely loves the sport, me not so much, but I knew Charlotte would at least love the snow so we booked the trip. While it didn't involve me getting to spa at every ski resort like last time we went (pre baby obviously), we did have a marvelous time, and learned a few tips along the way.

Tip One, use those credit card points to your advantage when traveling with a toddler!
You know we are major proponents of credit card points--in fact, we haven't paid for a flight in probably 5 years (and have taken several trips during that time). Now with a toddler that has to have her own seat, we are working those points to the max. When we flew with Charlotte to Disney on Southwest as a lap child, we learned a lot. First of all, it's not fun to hold an almost 2 year old for an hour and a half on a plane--they are too wiggly. They want to get up and down. They want to kick the seat in front of them. They want to play with the tray table. They want to wave at the people behind them. This is stressful to me because I do not want her bothering others around her. When booking this trip to Colorado, we opted for first class. It wasn't that many more points since it was only a three hour flight, but the extra points were totally worth it. She had a large seat to herself and we got the front row. No one to kick, lots of room to get up and down and play, and best of all, room to nap!

We arrived in Colorado with a rested child and made the trek to Aunt Karen and Uncle Tommy's house. They are always so kind to host us. They cook for us, ski with Forrest, and over all provide tons of entertainment. Charlotte was especially taken with their cat Bella.
Fishing for Bella 

Uncle Tommy made Charlotte her first snowman "Olaf" and took her sledding. The last time she saw any snow that counted was the day she came home from the hospital, so she was very excited. We had been reading The Snow Day (Jack Ezra Keats) so she had a general idea about snow angels and things like that, so she was excited to get to play in it when she realized it actually existed.

Charlotte and I stayed in the house while the group skied each day. On the second day she did wander around Keystone in her snow suit and kept saying "Adit ski too" so we figured we would give it a shot. She is usually very brave and adventurous so I didn't think there would be any harm in giving it a try. The only issue was she ended up running a little fever for a while (it was kind of scary--she was a little bit floppy for a while) and her tummy was messed up. Once the fever went away she was fine so we chalked it up to a fever virus, slapped some skis on her, and let her try on the last day. She fell and got a little scared, so she opted for skiing with Forrest, but we were really proud of her effort. Next year she can go to ski school so that will help a lot.

TIP TWO-rent child skis before you get to the mountain--they go fast and you have to stand in line forever. This takes up valuable ski time and by the time you get to ski it is in fact your baby's nap time and they are less inclined to act as their typical brave selves. (This may also be due to the fact they have a stomach virus you as a parent are sort of ignoring...but are unable to ignore when you end up with said virus when you arrive home).

On our last night, we took our group for a sleigh ride to Keystone Ranch for dinner. Even though Charlotte had hardly eaten for days (despite acting in all other respects totally fine) she LOVED drinking the hot chocolate "choc-it milt" and hearing the guitarist play (turns out C is a Stevie Nicks fan).  It was a cozy way to end a marvelous time with family.

We were so sad to leave uncle Tommy and aunt Karen and their winter wonderland! We will be back soon! 


Cookies in the delta sky lounge are always a good time. 

Someone was ready to go home!!






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