Thursday, March 23, 2017

Two did we even get this far? Sometimes I thought we wouldn't make it to one...then, God knew we were at the end of a rapidly fraying rope--and He helped you sleep. That's the only reason you did, little girl, God told you to. We tried everything and every method and you didn't sleep through the night consistently (or at all) until you were 14 months old. I felt every single day of those months...and now you are 24 months (ok one day from 25 but no biggie) and I don't know where the time has gone. Despite the fact that you didn't let us rest for over a year, you were the sweetest, most fun little baby, and that has only multiplied this past year. Everything is exciting to you--I love the way your eyes light up when you see something new or interesting and I love your smile and your giggle when you are thrilled. For that reason, we try to take you to experience new things all the time. We can't help it baby girl, we are addicted to that laugh of yours and we will do just about anything to hear it! For this reason, we filled your second year with lots of fun and new things. You went to the zoo, the aquarium, and the petting zoo. You are fascinated with animals and not afraid of them. You want to pet them and feed them. We took you to the beach (although not new) and you were amazed by the crashing waves, the birds overhead (and on the sand). You loved seeing fish in the water, marveled at how the water disappeared when you poured in on the sand, and you never were afraid of the waves, even when they knocked you down. Another new thing you got to experience was going to school! Mommy was not afraid that you wouldn't love it--you have always been a joiner and a lover of people, so I knew you would relish the opportunity to play with babies your own age and have a chance to spread your little wings on your own. You got to spend a whole week away from mommy and daddy and when we got back, you had changed so much. It is hard to notice little changes day after day but that week showed us that you are changing and growing by leaps and bounds every single day and we better not close our eyes, or we will miss it! In the fall you got to go to your first football game and first parade, both of which you loved. You were a delight during the holidays--every member of the family was so excited to get to spend time with you because you were so engaging and sweet. They, like us, could see the magic of the holidays in your little face, making them all the more meaningful. The cherry on top of an absolutely fantastic year was being able to take you to Disney World right before your birthday. Every moment of that trip was magical with you. I will never ever regret taking you at that age, because the whole trip was a delight, because you were so delighted. You don't know how to sass, complain, back talk--you just know how to enjoy what's happening--and that's what we did. We love our special time together, just the three of us. This year, I know will be full of even more exciting times; new things learned; new places visited. This year you will be able to have real conversations with us, tell us how you are feeling, and what you think about things. This year you will become a big girl--a little child, rather than my baby. I'm holding onto these last few months of you as a toddler because they will not come back. My little girl who calls herself "adit", who leaves out unnecessary letters like R and F and S and L, and who says "my baby" instead of "hold me" will become a big girl who talks and thinks more and more like a grown person. So two--I've had a harder time with two than I did with one, simply because after two, you get to be big, and I don't know if I am ready for that. All those nights when you wouldn't sleep and I just wanted you to grow up so you would, well now I am paying for that too. It goes too fast. Two years of a baby is not enough--so I'm holding onto whatever you give me from here on out, because when it is gone, I know it's gone forever. (DISCLAIMER--please continue to sleep--thank you). I love you my sweet bunny girl, and I am so excited to see what an amazing little girl you become this next year, even if it hurts my heart just a little.


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