Tuesday, June 20, 2017


June was super busy and fun! Charlotte's vocabulary really has exploded. Her sentence structure is getting more mature and she is really using her pronouns well. She no longer calls herself "adit" (which breaks my heart a little) and she is saying most letters correctly. She really went though a transformation when it comes to speech this month. As her speech develops I do miss her baby words but I love that she is able to express herself and communicate more clearly. She also says the funniest things! I love when she says "hmm I don't know!" Here are some of my favorites from this month: 

C: Mommy, don't shut me out! 
Me: what does that mean?!
C: Anna say that (from frozen) 

Me: Charlotte be careful!
C: mommy you not say that to me!
Me: I'm the mommy, I get to tell you what to do to be safe. You don't tell mommy what to do. 
C: I is a mommy. I have my own babies. 

Clearly we have an independent lady on our hands!! 

We did have a wonderful family beach trip this month. It was nice to get away from it all for a while and relax. It was especially nice to spend time with our family in a fun, stress free environment. 

The next weekend we went to Asheville North Carolina for Aaron and karinas wedding! See my separate post on that! 

The next weekend was loaded with fun too! We started early on Thursday with Isaac and Rachel bringing baby Becca over for dinner. We got to let her have her first taste of watermelon and Charlotte loved giving her a bottle.

On Friday we went to Charlotte's second movie, cars 3. We still didn't make it to the end but she enjoyed it. 

On saturday Charlotte and I had a big girls day. We went to Erin's baby shower. Charlotte loved helping open the presents and I loved catching up with sweet sorority sisters. 
Afterwards we met Deborah, Randi and carla to celebrate Deborah's birthday. 

That evening, forrest and I went to the Gadsden times readers choice awards banquet. I was so honored to receive the prize best law firm and forrest picked up smith and baileys favorite dentist award! 

Charlotte's sleep went a little wonky this month. She started waking up screaming two times a night and wanted us to lay with her. Finally that stopped but she likes for us to lay with before she falls asleep. I know this is kind of a bad habit but she has had an unsettling few months and so I don't mind reassuring her we are here for her. 
 Another major step we took this month was to put Charlotte in swim lessons. She has zero fear of the pool so I knew this was a must. She cried every lesson but she was rave and learned to swim under water to the wall and reach up for help. Since her week of lessons she has wanted to swim under water on her own! We are so proud of her! 

After swim lessons she got to go get a snow cone! 
And as a prize for finishing all of the lessons, she got this awesome dinosaur pool! It was hit!!
On to July!! 






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