Saturday, September 30, 2017


Because I am a slacker,  here is a photo dump of September!! 

Mommy and daddy trip to atl for the bama v Florida state game in the new dome! It was incredible!! It was a little bittersweet to start the football season without daddy but I know he would want us to cheer big so we did! 

The next weekend we went to rosemary beach with the Bailey clan. It was so nice and relaxing. 

When we got home we celebrated papa B’s birthday! 

Charlotte started soccer! This is the first practice. She kept telling me she was hot and that she wanted to sit in a chair. She also kept wanting to clean her Anna and elsa ball off. She may get her athletic prowess from me. 

While I was out of town, she had her first soccer game! Forrest held her hand the majority of the time and she didn’t like to kick the ball when others were around, but she was really proud of herself. 

Most kids need a water break; Charlotte needs a paci break! 

I had to miss my baby’s game because I was in Chicago celebrating my moms 60th birthday with my sister! We had the best time together! Here we are on the architectural boat tour. 

Dinner at RPM. Mom ordered the same drink as lady Gaga! 

Tea at the Drake with our Chicago cousins!! 

 What a fun month! Onto October!! 



Lazy mom—phot dump for the month of August! 

Charlotte got fitted for her ballet uniform! She was so so excited!! 

That same night baby Becca came to play! She loves seeing her so so much and is so sweet with her and loves to take care of her. 

Auntie M came and officially asked us to be a part of her wedding. We can’t wait until April 21! 

We started a new session of Mommy and Me. Charlotte loves her teachers and her fun little class, and playing on the playground afterwards. 

Charlotte went to her 2k meet and geeet. We were thrilled that Mrs Jill from the toddler class moved up to be in 2k with Charlotte. She doesn’t like change so having Mrs Jill move with her eases the transition. In 2k she has her own seat and is expected to sit there like a big girl. Despite the look on her face she was excited to go back to school! 

We had a fun day cheering on the lawyer team in the dragon boat race. It made me miss my daddy so much but the team was amazing and put his initials on his shirt in his honor. 

First day of 2k!! Charlotte had a great day with her friends and Mrs Jill and Mrs Cindy. 

First day of ballet!! Charlotte loves it. She was a little hesitant to leave me at the door but when it was over she came running out screaming “mommy I did it!!” 

Oh those rings. These were a cute way for the class to get from the classroom to the gym. The leader was the first ring and all the other children got a subsequent ring. Charlotte was the leader the first day and so she felt she should get the first “yellow ring” every single day. Apparently there was all sorts of ring drama and we had daily conversations with Charlotte about being happy with whatever color she got. Apparently all the children were in someway upset by these rings so their use was disbanded. Bless those sweet babies. 

Onward to September! 


Hello July! Look what all we did! 
4th of July weekend was full of fun! First stop was Nana Friths House in Selma! 

Then our friends the Baxter’s came from
Birmingham to spend the day at the falls with our girls! 

Charlotte enjoyed her first slushee and a day at the pool on the 4th. She also got great at jumping off the diving board! 

More swimming that night at Aunt Debbie’s! 

We spent lots of time playing with Cinderella this summer! 

We spent a great evening on the boat with the smiths. Charlotte sure does love her “hen-wee”. 

The next day forrest was pleased to take Charlotte to trade day for the first time! 

I went to Nashville with my mom and sister to find her wedding dress!! It was so fun and so special!! I can’t wait for everyone to see her in her gown!! 

We spent lots of time after work playing at the pool with friends. Charlotte did a great job on her swimming this summer after her lessons! 

Harlotte has such a sweet and fun summer. Molly Kate and Mrs Jill kept her a lot, as well as her Friday’s with mama and papa b. She also went to school for two days. It was a hard summer for mommy work wise so it was great to have all of the support that we did. 

 Onward to August!! 
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