Saturday, September 30, 2017


Lazy mom—phot dump for the month of August! 

Charlotte got fitted for her ballet uniform! She was so so excited!! 

That same night baby Becca came to play! She loves seeing her so so much and is so sweet with her and loves to take care of her. 

Auntie M came and officially asked us to be a part of her wedding. We can’t wait until April 21! 

We started a new session of Mommy and Me. Charlotte loves her teachers and her fun little class, and playing on the playground afterwards. 

Charlotte went to her 2k meet and geeet. We were thrilled that Mrs Jill from the toddler class moved up to be in 2k with Charlotte. She doesn’t like change so having Mrs Jill move with her eases the transition. In 2k she has her own seat and is expected to sit there like a big girl. Despite the look on her face she was excited to go back to school! 

We had a fun day cheering on the lawyer team in the dragon boat race. It made me miss my daddy so much but the team was amazing and put his initials on his shirt in his honor. 

First day of 2k!! Charlotte had a great day with her friends and Mrs Jill and Mrs Cindy. 

First day of ballet!! Charlotte loves it. She was a little hesitant to leave me at the door but when it was over she came running out screaming “mommy I did it!!” 

Oh those rings. These were a cute way for the class to get from the classroom to the gym. The leader was the first ring and all the other children got a subsequent ring. Charlotte was the leader the first day and so she felt she should get the first “yellow ring” every single day. Apparently there was all sorts of ring drama and we had daily conversations with Charlotte about being happy with whatever color she got. Apparently all the children were in someway upset by these rings so their use was disbanded. Bless those sweet babies. 

Onward to September! 

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