Friday, November 3, 2017

Bump Update—19 weeks

I think I had done 3 or 4 of these by this time when I was pregnant with Charlotte but I guess at least I am getting around to it!! Here goes! 

Weight gain: oh holy Moses. I think it’s about 20. I know at 13 weeks I was up 12 pounds so I’m at about a pound a week. I look was rounder now than when I was this far along with Charlotte but people say that’s ok. I am lucky I don’t have to throw up (just once this time so far) with my pregnancies so I will take weight gain any day. I did have awful heartburn that is finally disappearing. For a while all I wanted to eat were jacks hashbrowns, ranch dressing, lays plain chips with barbers party dip, and strawberry pop tarts. Oh and ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream. It’s no wonder I have been packing on the pounds! 

Gender: girl!! I’m so excited for sisters! No name for baby sister yet! 

Maternity clothes: gracious yes. I have been wearing them since before I even told people I was expecting. I showed much sooner this time and had to buy more clothes!! 

Stretch marks: none yet!! 

Sleep: with both pregnancies I have slept very well. This time I have actually had to take a unisom and a b6 at night to ward off nausea so I sleep extra well, minus at least one bathroom trip a night. With as much water as I require now I’m surprised it’s not more! 

Movement: I have felt this little one much earlier than I felt Charlotte. I really noticed her when we were in the flight home from Disney world, so about a month ago. We can feel her kick outside my belly now which is super cool! Nothing can beat that exciting feeling of feeling your baby move inside you. 

Food craving: right now I will pretty much each anything and everything. 

Food aversions: other than being turned off by anything with tomatoes and vinegar early on,  due to the threat of heartburn, I don’t have any particular things that make me feel like gagging (except brushing my teeth). With Charlotte I couldn’t eat nuts but I can with little sister. Also after a few minutes I have to stop chewing gum or I feel sick, and I don’t like to drink things out of bottles—cups only! 

Symptoms: the first trimester exhaustion is gone but I feel like the third trimester physical exhaustion is already here. I am so worn out by the end of the day. If I get the chance I try to nap in the afternoon and I am still able to go to sleep at the normal time. My body just feels tired at the end of the day and instead of resting all evening I am chasing a toddler around. I have also had a few spinning spells and times I get a hot and have had to go stand outside but those have been few and far between. 

Belly button: in so far. It grosses me out when it starts to poke out but I know it’s coming. 

Wedding rings: still on!! No swelling yet but last time I didn’t swell until the 3rd trimester. 

Miss anything: energy!! I miss my usual get up and go spirit but I just can’t muster it. I also miss a good glass of red wine with dinner. We have had lots of events lately and I have missed a festive drink with my friends. I was really missing pizza and olives—foods I couldn’t handle at first—but thankfully we have been reunited. 

Best moment this week: Charlotte asks to talk to the baby and makes me lay down and pull my shirt up. She will put her mouth over my belly button and say in a low voice “hello babyyyyy”. It’s hilarious and just warms my heart. She asks what the baby is doing in there a lot. The other day she asked if she could stand up. She says she isn’t coming until after her birthday (which is hopefully true) and she tries to name her (notable names have included doodah, Josephine, and Elizabeth). I do worry about her adjusting to not being an only child. One day we told her she would get a new big girl bed and her baby would get the crib. She didn’t act like that mattered much to her, but a few days later she told me “that baby need her own bed” and that it was her crib. Oh boy. Needless to say we are putting a rush on the big girl bed to get her used to it! 

Looking forward to: getting Charlotte into her big girl bed; my next doctors appointment (because it’s not the sugar test yet) and starting to get the house ready for two babies!! 

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