Saturday, November 4, 2017

Disney day 2

The next day was animal kingdom day! We were excited to have fast passes for the new rides at pandora—the lines weee our of control!! 

Dancing to the drums in pandora.  

I was so excited to see a short line for the “it’s rough to be a bug” show. Turns out it is interactive and has periods of blackness and loud sounds—plus it feels like bugs are getting you. Charlotte was unamused. 

Next we went to the kilamanjaro safari—our favorite ride from last year. It’s so cool to be able to get up close and personal with the animals. 

We met up with the smiths at Tucker house for lunch. This was our favorite buffet last year and did not disappoint this year. Of course the kids loved seeing the characters. 

Kisses for DONALD. 

Big hugs for daisy. 

Still in awe of Mickey Mouse! 

We became big fans of the new Minnie vans run by Lyft on this trip. They were so easy!! Perfect for a hot tired group! 

Still a little tired before our dinner with the dentists conference. 

Ready to go and prepared for the rain. 

Watching the fireworks with Henry in the rain at Epcot with the other dentists. 

Loving the fireworks!! Have you seen a more excited girl?! 

These cute glasses made the fireworks look like Mickey heads! 

Off to bed to get ready for day 3!! 

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