Saturday, November 4, 2017

Disney day 3

We had a big day in the magic kingdom on Monday full of rides and princesses. 

C was so excited to meet princess Elena!!!

Cinderella is her favorite! She told her that we had a pony named Cinderella too! 

Enchanted with rapunzle. 

She loves princess tiana!!

We rode several rides that day, including the litter mermaid, the jungle cruise, Winnie the Pooh, and her surprising favorite, Peter Pan 

After nap we went back to the kingdom for the mickeys not so scary Halloween party. We all loved it! There were so many cute characters to meet! 

Aladdin told her she looked “shining shimmering splendid”! 

Charlotte rode the magic carpets, haunted mansion, and Peter Pan again and she absolutely loved the boo to you parade. And of course, she loved the fireworks. So magical! 

On the way out Charlotte got to meet the talking Mickey. She was blown away! They pretended to be choo choo trains together. 

It was super late so we were off to bed courtesy of a Minnie van. Last day tomorrow!! 

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