Thursday, November 2, 2017


There have been so many changes over the past few months! October was SUCH a busy and fun month we hardly had time to breathe! Before I get into the fun, here are a few fun facts about Charlotte from this month! She has been singing like crazy--she sings songs she knows or sometimes just makes them up. We will catch her singing to herself or singing to her toys. She knows all the words to jingle bells, which apparently they will sing for her school Christmas program. She also sings the songs I sing to her at night to herself sometimes. It really is the sweetest! She also has let up a little bit on the "you lay down by me" at night. She usually lets me out of it but often she wants Forrest to stay with her a little. She also is LOVING ballet! She comes home and will show me the steps she learned and will practice them all week. I can't say she is a prodigy but she loves it nonetheless! She is also practicing using her potty a lot and is starting to go at school. When she realized she would get skittles for every successful potty trip she decided to go several times a day. She is loving her 2k class, especially the art projects, and she always likes to tell me what happened that day and I love hearing her interpretation! We usually go by Forrest's for a quick visit (and a candy treat) before going home for a nap. She still naps until around 4 and stays up until 9  (in her crib). She wakes up usually around 8 for the day unless we let her sleep in. She is still a great eater! Also her hair is really starting to grow--I'm so proud although I'm about to have to start actually fixing it each day. Now that it's cooler at night I am having to blow dry it, which is something it didn't require before. She is speaking very very well, although she leaves the Y off of words that begin with it. It's super cute! She also just has been able to say "Momsie", which is her name for my mom. She was calling her "monie" until just last week! We were all a little sad!

Ok now to the fun!!! The last weekend of September/first weekend of October we took my mom to Chicago for a girls trip for her birthday. On Sunday when I got back, we took Charlotte to Peppa Pig live. She absolutely LOVED it! She was dancing in the aisles, singing, and when they went off stage she would ask "They comin back mommy?!"

The only way her week could possibly have gotten better would have been to do exactly what we did--go to Disney World! We had the most amazing time, yet again!! It is so magical and C loves it so much. She asks frequently if we can go back! This trip was so special for us.

The following weekend I went with my sister and all of her best friends on her beach bachelorette weekend! It was SUCH a fun trip and very relaxing!! It was fun to focus on my sister and the wedding for a change!

The next weekend Forrest and I went down to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama v. Tennessee game. We had not been to Tuscaloosa this year and it was a little emotional for me without Daddy, but the Tide rolled and we had a fun time getting back to our regular fall weekends!

The last weekend we got to celebrate Andrew and Ashley's engagement with all of our families, and we also celebrated Hadley's second birthday! It was a party filled weekend for sure, and on top of that it was Halloween that week! Charlotte was jasmine for her school parade, which she loved, and then she decided on her own to be a tiger for trick or treat. We had a great night with the Hedgspeths that night and were so glad to have them share the night with us! 

Are you tired?! We sure are!! 
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