Friday, December 29, 2017

December 2017

I’m not quite sure how we are already at the end of the month but I am certainly happy it’s the end of the year. I haven’t enjoyed very much of 2017 (except our wonderful news about our new precious princess) and honestly I have been waiting for the year to be over.  This month however flew by and I sort of lost track of time. Thankfully I was ahead of the game on my Christmas shopping but that was about it. 

Mom was in the Christmas spirit and she and Charlotte did lots of fun things, like making cookies! Charlotte loved being able to put as many sprinkles as she wanted on them. 

Forrest took Charlotte to the Gadsden Christmas parade. She still talks about seeing the fire truck and fire “puppy”. That night we went to highlands bar and grill to celebrate Forrest’s birthday! He does so much for us and we love him so! 

Charlotte was in a Christmas program at school! She sang jingle bells and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer with her class. She was so proud and watching her just warmed my heart. It also made me miss my daddy so much because I know he would have made a huge deal of her performance. 

Afterwards she celebrated with a party with her sweet class. 

2k Christmas! 

The next day we had a surprise: snow!!!! 

Charlotte loved eating snow balls—it was hilarious!! We played with all of our neighborhood friends and even had dinner with Mark and Gina and emily Ann. It was such a sweet day! Charlotte thought it was Christmas. 

The next day we celebrated my sisters upcoming wedding with a Christmas shower in Birmingham. She got lots of Christmas loot and I got to eat lots of party foods! 

Later that week we went to see santa at Christmas at the falls! It’s one of our favorite events. Petting the animals, riding the train, and seeing all the lights always make us smile! 

We also went to see the lights at river country campground, which c has enjoyed since her first year! 

Another precious event this month was Charlotte’s sugar plum tea party at ballet. She got to show us a little dance and enjoy a party with her friends. I was so so proud of her and you could tell she was proud of herself! 

Flowers from daddy. She said “I’m married!” 

We also had a super fun kids supper club at the Yother’s. These kids hardly sat still!! 

Unfortunate Charlotte and daddy came down with the stomach virus and we lost a week of fun, but everyone was well and ready for Christmas Eve!! We started the day with pancakes and pajamas at Uncle Davis house and he and Aunt gumi gave her her most coveted Christmas present of the year: a pink train and train tracks!! 

Terrible picture but that night Charlotte daddy and sonny put out the food for the reindeer and Charlotte says she saw Santa’s sleigh in the sky behind a blinking red roudolf nose! 

Christmas morning was so so much fun! Charlotte got some great presents and was so excited. Her little smile was magical and she would scream “thank you santa!” 

We went and opened presents at momsies next and she loved visiting with m and Uncle Roy and Ann. 

It was a sad and hard day without my daddy but being with Charlotte and seeing her happy face made it a lot easier. 
It was a big month for Charlotte— she got potty trained! She really just was ready and she did it! She is so so proud of herself! We will have a little break from diapers before baby sister arrives! And speaking of baby sister, Charlotte is so precious about her. She wants to look at my belly and she will lay her head on me and snuggle her. She wants to feel her move and will talk to her and tell us what she “says” back. I love these sweet precious times!! 

Last day at Disney

I was so excited to be able to snag a reservation for the new bin voyage breakfast at the boardwalk. Charlotte was not too sure about Flynn  Ryder from tangled though. 

Rapunzle is always a favorite! 

Oh how she loves Ariel!! 

She was a smitten kitten when she met prince Eric! 

After a really great meal we were off to make the most of our last day at Epcot. 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bump date: 25 weeks

I am turning out to be pretty terrible at posting these updates! I just can’t find the time like I used to. However, here is a quick update. 

This is before thanksgiving. 

And this is from last weekend. 

Weight gain: good grief y’all it’s bad. I don’t exactly know because I don’t want to know at this point but I think it’s a ridge over a pound a week so you do that math. I thought I was slowing down but apparently not. 

Gender: girl! But still no name!! 

Maternity clothes: I have started to grow out of some I bought which cannot be good. What on earth will I wear at the end?? 

Stretch marks: it’s like the same ones I got at the end last time showed back up. I don’t know if when I lost all the weight last time my skin just sort of went back and hid them or what but literally they are in the exact same place. 

Sleep: not great but not terrible. Little sister is a big mover and likes for me to sleep on my left side but I sleep better on  the right so she kicks me all night and then I toss and turn. Sometimes I wake up and can’t go back to sleep because I am thinking of the millions of things I need to do. I stopped taking my unisom at night and it shows. 

Movement: this gal is a lover and Groover! Even Charlotte has felt her and she was so amazed! It was a moment I hope I don’t ever forget. 

Food craving: right now I will pretty much each anything and everything. But I will crave iceberg lettuce salads—something about the crunch and freshness. 

Food aversions: nothing really so far 

Symptoms: just being tired at the end of the day, having to sit rather than stand, and I get so winded going up stairs which is probably because I am gigantic already 

Belly button: starting to come out—gross 

Wedding rings: still on!! No swelling yet 

Miss anything: the usual stuff

Best moment this week: I had my sugar test yesterday and everything looked great at the appointment, although I won’t get test results until next week. Little sister measured on track so that’s a good thing!

Looking forward to: nesting! I have been a cleaning an organizing machine this week. I feel like I have so much to do so I am getting a jump start since last time I wasn’t ready. I loved pulling out the baby clothes and am excited to get to use them all again. We have several projects in the works and I’m anxious to get those completed. 

Ok—maybe it won’t be so long before I do another one of these. Please continue to pray for baby sister and myself as we start the home stretch!! 

Friday, December 15, 2017

November 2017

Well we are half way through December but better late than never I guess! Charlotte has had a big month! She has been singing up a storm—just to herself or out loud. She will sing along with the tv now and has been singing the songs she learns at music at school. Sometimes I try to sing with her and she says “no mama I sing by myself”. She also has quite the imagination. Her imaginative play has really come out of the blue it seems. Now she will tell us who we “are” while we play. She will tell me to be mrs cammie ( her ballet teacher) and she is a little girl and I have to teach her ballet. Sometimes we are the paw patrol and we have to “save the day”. She will also tell us these outrageous hilarious stories about what happened “when i was a baby” or “when i was a big girl”. One time she talked all a hyena that was visiting our house. It’s so funny what she comes up with! 

She also has started being able to say the “y” at the beginning of words like “you” and “yellow”. Just all of a sudden she did it one day. I am so going to miss her little baby talk! 
She also moved into a big girl bed! She tried to get out a couple of times but now she knows she isn’t supposed to so she stays really well. We are so proud of her!! She pretty much told me that she didn’t want the baby to have her crib so I decided we needed to put a rush on the big girl bed so she could get used to it and not feel like she had given up the crib to the baby. She asks occasionally where the crib is but I don’t think she will have a problem when we set it up in the baby’s room now that she loves her big bed. 

We also had another full of fun! 
Forrest and I took a quick mommy daddy trip to tuscaloosa for the Alabama LSU game. It was awesome to be back in Tuscaloosa with some of our favorite college buddies! 

Back at home, Charlotte got to stay with momsie and have a play date with some of her favorites too!

C and I had a fun mommy daughter day and went to see her dance schools production of the nutcracker princess. She loved it and danced the whole time. She sometimes shows me how to dance “like the big girls”. 

We spent a relaxing thanksgiving with my mom and sister at the beach. It was sad to be without Dad but I think it was a good idea to get away. Of course, Charlotte had a great time! 

On to December! Which, spoiler alert—is busy and so much fun! 
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