Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bump date: 25 weeks

I am turning out to be pretty terrible at posting these updates! I just can’t find the time like I used to. However, here is a quick update. 

This is before thanksgiving. 

And this is from last weekend. 

Weight gain: good grief y’all it’s bad. I don’t exactly know because I don’t want to know at this point but I think it’s a ridge over a pound a week so you do that math. I thought I was slowing down but apparently not. 

Gender: girl! But still no name!! 

Maternity clothes: I have started to grow out of some I bought which cannot be good. What on earth will I wear at the end?? 

Stretch marks: it’s like the same ones I got at the end last time showed back up. I don’t know if when I lost all the weight last time my skin just sort of went back and hid them or what but literally they are in the exact same place. 

Sleep: not great but not terrible. Little sister is a big mover and likes for me to sleep on my left side but I sleep better on  the right so she kicks me all night and then I toss and turn. Sometimes I wake up and can’t go back to sleep because I am thinking of the millions of things I need to do. I stopped taking my unisom at night and it shows. 

Movement: this gal is a lover and Groover! Even Charlotte has felt her and she was so amazed! It was a moment I hope I don’t ever forget. 

Food craving: right now I will pretty much each anything and everything. But I will crave iceberg lettuce salads—something about the crunch and freshness. 

Food aversions: nothing really so far 

Symptoms: just being tired at the end of the day, having to sit rather than stand, and I get so winded going up stairs which is probably because I am gigantic already 

Belly button: starting to come out—gross 

Wedding rings: still on!! No swelling yet 

Miss anything: the usual stuff

Best moment this week: I had my sugar test yesterday and everything looked great at the appointment, although I won’t get test results until next week. Little sister measured on track so that’s a good thing!

Looking forward to: nesting! I have been a cleaning an organizing machine this week. I feel like I have so much to do so I am getting a jump start since last time I wasn’t ready. I loved pulling out the baby clothes and am excited to get to use them all again. We have several projects in the works and I’m anxious to get those completed. 

Ok—maybe it won’t be so long before I do another one of these. Please continue to pray for baby sister and myself as we start the home stretch!! 


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