Friday, December 15, 2017

November 2017

Well we are half way through December but better late than never I guess! Charlotte has had a big month! She has been singing up a storm—just to herself or out loud. She will sing along with the tv now and has been singing the songs she learns at music at school. Sometimes I try to sing with her and she says “no mama I sing by myself”. She also has quite the imagination. Her imaginative play has really come out of the blue it seems. Now she will tell us who we “are” while we play. She will tell me to be mrs cammie ( her ballet teacher) and she is a little girl and I have to teach her ballet. Sometimes we are the paw patrol and we have to “save the day”. She will also tell us these outrageous hilarious stories about what happened “when i was a baby” or “when i was a big girl”. One time she talked all a hyena that was visiting our house. It’s so funny what she comes up with! 

She also has started being able to say the “y” at the beginning of words like “you” and “yellow”. Just all of a sudden she did it one day. I am so going to miss her little baby talk! 
She also moved into a big girl bed! She tried to get out a couple of times but now she knows she isn’t supposed to so she stays really well. We are so proud of her!! She pretty much told me that she didn’t want the baby to have her crib so I decided we needed to put a rush on the big girl bed so she could get used to it and not feel like she had given up the crib to the baby. She asks occasionally where the crib is but I don’t think she will have a problem when we set it up in the baby’s room now that she loves her big bed. 

We also had another full of fun! 
Forrest and I took a quick mommy daddy trip to tuscaloosa for the Alabama LSU game. It was awesome to be back in Tuscaloosa with some of our favorite college buddies! 

Back at home, Charlotte got to stay with momsie and have a play date with some of her favorites too!

C and I had a fun mommy daughter day and went to see her dance schools production of the nutcracker princess. She loved it and danced the whole time. She sometimes shows me how to dance “like the big girls”. 

We spent a relaxing thanksgiving with my mom and sister at the beach. It was sad to be without Dad but I think it was a good idea to get away. Of course, Charlotte had a great time! 

On to December! Which, spoiler alert—is busy and so much fun! 

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