Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Whew May! I’m tired just thinking about it. Well truth be told I am always tired so that doesn’t mean too much, but May was a busy month for sure! 
We celebrated Frances baptism on May 6. Her godparents are Forrest’s Uncle Tommy and my aunt fran, her name sake. After the ceremony at church we had the family back to our house to eat a light lunch. 

Frances wore the christening gown that Charlotte and I wore and her cap, blanket and shoes were made by momsie! 

Frances also started sleeping in her crib consistently for naps and by the end of the month was doing her long sleep stretch in the crib as well. We do dock a tot, swaddle, sound machine and projector. 

Charlotte also had a major milestone this month—she gave up her paci!! This was hard and bless Forrest because he had to deal with it. She would wake up in the night wanting it and would cry before nap and bed but it was time. She was receptive one night so he jumped atthe chance and once we started we couldn’t go back. Also at some point his spring, I think  in March, she stopped sitting in her booster seat and sits in a regular chair for meals. Charlotte also got to watch Henry baseball game. Shehad such fun cheering him on—their relationship is precious. 

I am really enjoying my days at home with the girls. I was nervous that I would feel cooped up but we have such a fun time together. I do enjoy my court days but nothing beats smiles and snuggles with these little ones! 

Frances turned 2 months old!! The time is passing much quicker with her than it did with Charlotte! 

Charlotte finished her year of 2k!! She has grown by leaps and bounds this year and is just so smart. She really loved having mrs Jill and mrs Cindy as teachers and we are grateful for all of their love!! She also really liked music with mrs katie and would come home singing her songs daily. 

We got to watch her sing in the end of the year program—so precious! 

The party moms and I put together a bubble and popsicle party for the kids end of the year celebration. It was super easy and the kids loved it!!! We were quite proud of ourselves. 

The biggest thing we dealt with this month was Charlotte’s ballet recital. I have been leery of this weekend since I signed her up for dance because the recital was in the middle of nap and Charlotte doesn’t miss her nap. Never in her life has she not taken one!! She typically sleeps from around 1:30-4:30 and the recital was at 2 each day, plus dress rehearsal at 3 in Friday. On Friday I just put her down early and woke her up early but Saturday was a different story. She slept in but was so tired by the end of the recital. She was crying and saying “mommy I want to take a nap now!!!”’ She ended up falling asleep on me right before the curtain call and I had to wake her to go back with her class. The next day we decided to leave right after she danced and miss the curtain call because she was just too sleepy. 
Despite the tiredness, she did great in the recital! She had no fear of the stage or the audience. She didn’t mind leaving me to go backstage with her class. She was so cute doing her dance and really loved watching the big girls too. She asked me why they were “dancing by themselves”—she thought it was sad! Sweet thing. She loved having family and friends come to watch her (other than mommy and daddy, mrs Jill, aunt Fran, rachel, Julie, trey, m, momsie)  We were really pleased with her year at ballet and can’t wait for next year to start! 

From the stage to the pool, she started swim lessons right after ballet ended. This was our second year with mr patrick and she did great. There were tears but by the end of the week she was so proud to show me what she had learned. 

We took our first trip as a family of four over Memorial Day weekend to my grandmothers house in Birmingham. It was so much fun to hang out with family and do some of our favorite activities while we were there. All four of us went to the zoo! I was quite proud of myself for taking Frances and was proud of her for sleeping g the whole time! Charlotte was so excited to feed the lorikeets again, even though she doesn’t look like it. She just wanted them to land on her arms so badly. 

Afterwards we went to lunch at olexas—yummy—before taking naps. Everyone approved! Frances was great at her first restaurant! 

That afternoon Andrew and Ashley cake and swam with the girls. Charlotte was thrilled and she showed off some of her new swimming moves. Frances wasn’t too sure about the pool—I think it was too cold for her. 

We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing at home. We were all a little worn out from the weekends activities. We did manage a great lunch at mama and papa Bs house and we took some nice golf cart rides in the evenings. Looking ahead to June, we hope to do a lot of vacationing, pooling, and sunning!! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Frances is 2 months old

This having two babies thing isn’t for the faint of heart! I feel like I’m always getting someone down for a nap or feeding one of them. I will say that recently I have started to feel slightly more comfortable and like I have a tiny bit of control. 
Frances is such a sweet baby. This month she started smiling and has the big open mouth smiles that will melt your heart! She of course smiled at my mom first, just like Charlotte did. She has also started to coo and just talks and talks. It is the sweetest sound and makes me so ready for her to laugh! She definitely experienced the week 8 wonder week recently. She stopped sleeping as well at night and was taking short naps and wanted me to hold her for most of them. I knew what was going on because Charlotte experienced them in the same way, but that doesn’t make them easy. You just have to suck it up and get through! She is starting to get control of her arms and legs and has been trying so hard to suck her thumb. She also likes kicking her feet in her sink bath and we practice sticking out our tounges in the mirror. She has a night time routine where I give her a sink bath and then she takes a bottle and goes to sleep. It seems to be working well. For naps she has started sleeping in her crib (she is in the rock and play in our room for nights). I swaddle her and our her in the dock a tot in the crib and she goes to sleep with her paci and watching her projector with the sound machine on. This is something Charlotte would never do I so I was determined (even though I ended up being reluctant to start) to let Frances learn to fall asleep on her own. I actually think it’s just something she is ok with doing and that Charlotte was not, not actually something I can take credit for. I can take credit for the cool sound machine projector that I found. I noticed she would stare at the tv and get sleepy eyed so I found a projector that puts a moving scene on her ceiling and she watches until she drifts off. I have to put the paci in a few times but otherwise she does pretty well during nap. 
She loves to look at the blinds just like Charlotte did and she really really loves to watch Charlotte! C will sing and dance and talk to her and she will just stare at her and smile. I can’t wait to watch these two sisters bond! Charlotte loves Frances so much and still wants to hold her and help with her. 

Friday, April 27, 2018


I feel like in April I both laid around in pajamas all day and ran ragged. I’m not sure how that’s possible but it’s true!! It was a whirlwind of a month and also a really sad month because we were remembering my daddy. It was pretty terrible actually, rendnering whst we were doing a year ago. Ontopigthsg I was tired and hormonal so I was pretty much a mess. To make matters worse, we unexpectedly lost our sweet ruffles. She was such a precious part of our lives for 8 years and we will miss her so much. 

Onemajor thing this month was Charlotte got  her costume and had her pictures taken for ballet! I think she is the most precious chinchilla ever! 

Formal shots! Sorry I forgot to crop. 

She got to wear make up and was thrilled!! I loved putting mascara on those massive lashes!! 

It has started to get so pretty and warm! Frances and I have been trying to leave our cave and enjoy the sun!! 

My sister got married!! It was such a great weekend with family and friends. She chose to get married on the anniversary of dads death. It was risky and personal ally so hard but he would have loved the fact she chose to have a party to honor him. 
Frances got to go to the bridesmaids luncheon and sit with Aunt fran! 

Charlotte lived every minute of being at the lunch as well. She had a blast with the girls. 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Frances is one month

One month!!! A whole month has passed since we had our Frances. I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Time seemed to stand still when I had new baby Charlotte but this month has flown by! We are surviving to say the least, thanks to lots and lots of help!! My mom makes dinner for us several nights a week, and we have also had sweet friends bring us food and presents! Mrs Jill has been bringing Charlotte home from school and helping me get her down for a nap and the baileys come on Fridays to help with Charlotte since she isn’t in school. I don’t know what I would do without my amazing village of supporters!! I do have a lot of Mom guilt about the fact that I can’t spend every waking second with Charlotte like I used to. She doesn’t seem to mind and has the greatest adventures with daddy, but it hurts my heart a little. I try to still sonher prayers and songs at night before bed and see her before her nap but I miss all of the things we used to do together daily. I know things will go back to normal soon but I guess things won’t exactly ever be the same as they were before. I took her to her ballet pictures last week and on the way I told her I loved spending time with her and she said “I know! I’m fun!” She is the most hilarious. Anyway, this post is really about Frances! 
Everyone only really cares about baby sleep at this point and let’s say she sleeps like a newborn. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Well March was wild to say the least!! We knew it would bring the arrival of our newest baby girl so we entered the month with excitement and with tons of stuff to do! 
Over the first weekend we took Charlotte to Birmingham to spend some time with mimi and to go to the zoo. She had been asking to go for weeks and it was finally semi warm enough to brave it. We had a great day, just the three of us. 

During the weeks things were crazy as well. I have decided to close my office indefinitely—a decision that surprised me to say the least. After the terrible changes of last year I felt like it was time for a break and having a baby was a perfect reason to take one anyway, so the timing made sense. I need time to figure out how to work on my own terms now that I don’t have my dad anymore, which is something I didn’t really get to think about right after he died. I just had to keep going. Anyway I started the closing up process in January but there are still lose ends to tie up and so I was pretty frantic trying to wrap things up before baby sister arrived. I was worn out but I couldn’t stop because I knew my time was limited. 
However, I didn’t realize how limited it was—I was set to be induced in March 22 but instead I went into labor one week early! This was pretty much my worst fear (although my water didn’t break in an embarrassing place so that was good). I was afraid to go into labor, to not have as much time to get things accomplished, and to miss my cousins wedding.  Well all those things happened and we all survived! 
After 12 hours of labor and 3 sticks of the epidural, we welcomes our beautiful daughter Frances Oliver Bailey on March 15 2018. She was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 21.5 inches long. She has dark hair and dark eyes and just made everything happy. Her arrival brought up so many emotions but mostly we just feel grateful and completely and overwhelmingly blessed, because we know that it’s not always easy to get such a precious gift. I will do more on her birth story whenever I catch a spare minute! 

Since Charlotte was the flower girl for Andrew and Ashely, my mom took her on Friday to Birmingham to fulfill her duties. I was so worried and felt so guilty for not being with her. We practiced for weeks and told her where each of us would stand etc and here we were not even going with her. My heart was broken at the same time it was so full. Being a mom of two was already proving to be very difficult emotionally—my attention was already divided and I didn’t like it. Charlotte did an amazing job however and didn’t act like she needed us at all (which is great yet also makes me sad). I cried and cried when I watched the video my sister took of her. She totally rocked it and looked like a pro!! It was such a special experience for her and I know she will always have an extra special connection with Ashely and Andrew because of it. 

When my mom brought her home that Sunday, she was overjoyed to meet her baby sister. That’s actually what she calls her “my baby”. She held her and just gazed at her little face. She still wants to hold her and pet her and love on her all the time—it’s so adorable. I hope she is always as in love with her as she is now.

Charlotte is seeming more and more like a big girl, especially now with baby sister around. As much as I love seeing her grow and learn, I find myself wanting to hold onto her littleness for as long as I can. I love when she speaks incorrectly (save that to later, that hug was so tall) and when she mispronounces words (ba-draf for giraffe, bideos for videos, pecial purprize for special surprise). I know these words and phrases will come out correctly soon so I’m just enjoying hearing her little voice while I can. 

Forrest took her to her Easter egg hunt and party at school—something else I was really sad to miss. I’m going to have to get used to missing out on adventures with those two for a while, but I know soon we will all be able to do things together. That’s one good thing about the second baby—you know how quickly time passes and things change. It makes you want to savor things a little bit longer, instead of rushing through them, because you know you don’t get that back. 
As for Frances, she is just being a baby. At two and a half weeks she is staying awake for two two hour chunks of time each day, one around lunch and one around dinner. She eats roughly every 3 hours and usually falls asleep while eating which I know isn’t great but I can’t really help it. She is sleeping in her rock and play right now, which is funny to me because Charlotte hated it. She started out needing to be tightly swaddled but now she’s good with a blanket tucked around her. She is growing so quickly and getting a little double chin! During her first week she grew 9 ounces in 4 days which pleased the doctors at her weight check. We ar wall adjusting to our new life as a family of four and although we are all tired we are all so happy. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Charlotte Ann!! Today you are 3!! I don’t know where the time has gone—one day you were my little bitty baby and today you seem so far removed from that. You are so kind and thoughtful and smart! You love things organized just so and you are a fierce negotiator. You pay attention to every little detail, which is often tedious but also so interesting for someone your age. You know your letters and most of their sounds, you can count to 20 (although the 14-18 sometimes get mixed up). You can say the pledge and spell your name. You think it’s great that you know every ones “real names” (catherine, forrest, etc). You love love to read—you want daddy to read you “lots” of books every night. Your favorites right now are probably the 5 minute princess stories, the Minnie Mouse I spy, and the Dora the explorer books. I’m amazed at how you have memorized them and can “read” them to us without missing a beat. You also love to color, play with your babies and “critters”, and boy do you love ballet!! You love your class at school and say that lily and Wes are your best friends. You always give me a report of what happened and who did what each day and I hope that never changes. on the days you want to stay home and have a “mommy day” as you call it, making it hard to get out the door, im secretly so happy you would rather stay home and snuggle with me. Although you started out life as the worst sleeper, you surely rock it now. Even though you try to stall going to sleep, you sleep hard and long and will cover your face with a pillow when we come to wake you up. You also like us to “sit with you one minute” before you fall asleep and that’s ok with me. This past year has been really tough on us all. You lost your great granddaddy and your pop. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with sadness that they will never get to know you as you grow up and to experience the joy that you bring to everyone; but other times I’m just so grateful that they got to know you even just a little bit because surely you touched their lives and made them better just as you have with the rest of us. You have also hit some pretty big girl milestones this year—you sleep in a big girl bed now and are potty trained! You love choosing your panties each day! You still
Have your “pass” and daddy is quite distraught but I know you will give it up in time. Each day we are amazed with how grown up you seem. Your vocabulary has gone in one year from little phrases and sentence fragments to full on conversations. I love when you say “actually” “also” and “difficult”. You have thoughts and opinions and I love hearing you chat or sing away. 
I can’t wait for you to be a big sister soon. You are so loving and sweet to baby sister right now and I know you love her so much. You have been a trooper as mommy has gone through morning sickness and especially now that I’m so big I have a hard time playing with you or carrying you. I love you so much for understanding. 
Please know how proud of you mommy and daddy are and how wonderful we truly think you are. I never want to forget how precious your littleness is and I really don’t want you to grow up—but you have to and I am so excited to have a front row seat to what I pray is the most wonderful life. I love you sweet baby girl. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Almost 35 week update

So since I wasn’t 35 weeks at my check up yesterday it was pretty routine-no checks or anything-which was ok by me except I have two more weeksbefore I go back and that makes me a little nervous! I will be 2 days shy of 37 weeks then and I was admitted 1 day shy of 37 weeks with Charlotte! I know the pregnancies aren’t the same but 37 weeks makes me a little wary. 
Baby sisters room is basically ready. I’m tying to start packing our bags for the hospital (with a lot less stuff than the first time, although I hadn’t packed yet when I had Charlotte). We need to get the car seat installed and then I think I will feel “ready”. 
I have already passed the weight I was when I delivered Charlotte so who knows how big I will be at my actual delivery. I also had low iron again so I have a new iron pill to take each day. I have lots of fun aches and pains in my legs and back and have acid reflux that will wake me up in the night (so gross). Baby sister is so low she makes me very uncomfortable—I did not feel this way with Charlotte! Despite all these things it has been a pretty good pregnancy and even though I’m sort of “over it” I’m nervous to have a new born again!! I am starting to get anxious about “starting over” by also excited to see a little baby grow up again not to mention watching g Charlotte enter her role as a big sister! 

This is Claire and I with southern mama at an event the weekend after I wrote this post. That dress was too small on me but I had no other options! I have had to order a few more things to get me through the month! 


February only has a few less days than other months but it sure does seem to fly by, especially since January crawled by so slowly. This was a fun month for us all! Charlotte is growing into quite a big girl and it’s so exciting! She can  spell her name and say the pledge of allegiance! She always asks me what the words in the pledge mean—have you ever explained republic to a 3 year old? I had to pull out my political science degree and mix it with some toddler old references. Im
Not certain I made any seebee but I’m quite positive she has no idea what a republic is regardless. 

She has started to say “My tummy is saying it is hungry”, or “my tummy is saying it wants some ice cream”. It’s quite humorous! She will also say “I am so sad. Some ice cream would make me feel better”. She has a sneaky way of trying to get exactly what she wants. I think it’s kind of smart actually! 

She is so excited to become a big sister!! She felt baby sister have hiccups and loved it. Her little face lit up with every hiccup. She Loves to talk to her and lay on my tummy and pet her. We organized all the hairbows one night and she was very generous with baby sister—I was really surprised! She also calls her baby cece which I think is adorable. Sort of like sissy I guess. 

This month Daddy came to school for dental health day and she was quite proud to show him off! She also got to celebrate her birthday at school and had peppa pig cookies and of course an outfit to match.

 Her “Turning 3 under the sea” birthday party was a smashing success. She loving having Ariel here and all of her little friends. She was adorable to watch! 

Discipline wise she is very good and a rule follower. I would say her main issues are not obeying right away and trying to negotiate out of something we tell
Her. She will also stall going to bed, but we sort of let her because it’s so sweet. She will say “mommy will you sit with me for one minute?”  It’s precious. 
On that note, ahe talks about time and the days of the week but I don’t think she has any clue what she is saying. She will y’all about doing things on “Friday” or whatever day but of course she doesn’t know when Friday was or is. 
My friends threw me a baby sprinkle got baby sister at the first of the month. It was fun to see everyone and of course to celebrate baby sister! 

Forrest went skiing with friends so Charlotte and I went with momsie to Birmingham to have a girls day with mimi for her birthday. We love you mimi! 

Forrest and I also went to mystery ball and art for heart with the smiths this past month. I always love getting fancy although it’s super hard in my current state of roundness!! 

We got to meet southern mama at art for heart! I also won a portrait package and a phot session in the live auction! 

We also celebrated our M with a beautiful shower. The wedding will be here before we know it!! 
Somehow February flew by while January crawled. We are looking forward to March with warm western, sunny skies, and baby sister! 
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