Monday, January 29, 2018

Last day at Disney

I was so excited to be able to snag a last minute reservation to the new bon voyage breakfast at boardwalk. The food was great! 

C wasn’t too sure about Flynn rider. 

Rapunzle is always a favorite. 

She loves Ariel!! 

And she was a smitten kitten when she met prince Eric! 

Then we were off to make the most of our last day at Epcot. 

Mary poppins!!! 

Mickey!! Always making her smile. 

She made her peace with goofy this trip. 

The reason we love going—she is so excited!

She really enjoyed meeting mulan! So cool! 
Afterwards we had dinner in China before heading to the airport to go home. Poor Charlotte slept most of the flight home and the ride back to gadsden. It was a busy trip but a magical trip and the last big one as a family of three!! 

Bump date: 31 weeks

So I am seriously the worst and getting these updates posted. Sorry sweeet baby!! I went to my appointment 2 weeks ago and everything was looking good. Nothing super exciting happened—just checked my weight and measured my belly. Charlotte started measuring small at 33 weeks (my next check up for baby sister) so I’m a little nervous although everything was just fine. 

This was me at 28 weeks—I’m way bigger now!! 

Weight gain: I have stopped doing the math but if I am not at my final Charlotte pregnancy weight by now I will probably be by dinner...

Gender: girl! But still no name!! Why why why am I making this so hard?! 

Maternity clothes: I’m seriously down to about 5 dresses that I can wear. I gave up on pants weeks ago because they are just not comfortable and I don’t need that in my life. I pretty much live in knit dresses and faded black leggings and flats. I am starting to miss my real clothes...

Stretch marks: yes and more than last time. Not excited about this. 

Sleep: ehhhh ok. Not near as good as it was with Charlotte. Baby sister is sideways and so she head butts and kicks me at the same time and I feel this in either side. So sometimes no matter which side I lay on, she is mad and pushed against me. If I can go right back to sleep after my nighttime potty trips she usually doesn’t wake up but if it takes a while she wakes up and then it takes me even longer. Usually if she wakes up I am awake for 2 hours during the night. 

Movement: still super active!!! She doesn’t hesitate to let me know when I need to chance positions. 

Food craving: is it a craving when you just want to eat all the time?? Just about everything sounds good all the time...

Ignore the giant plate of food that I completely consumed...

Food aversions: nothing really so far 

Symptoms: physical exhaustion from being so much bigger than usual. I need to sit down a lot—in office max while waiting on some printing they brought me one of the office chairs to wait in 😂😂. Sometimes my back hurts fairly badly (baby sister is lower than Charlotte was) and when I get out of bed my lower back is really still and I have to hobble around until it lets loose. Some days I can’t make it though without a nap! I’m also starting to get acid reflux (so gross) which I did around this time with Charlotte. 

Belly button: flat/out

Wedding rings: still on!! No swelling yet 

Miss anything: my clothes, having a glass of wine at the end of the day, my energy, my body looking normal 

Best moment this week (or since the last post): forrest and I took a baby moon to aspen! It was so gorgeous and we had the greatest time. He got to ski, I got to spa, and we got to eat lots of yummy foods and relax. We rarely get away just the two of us and it was so nice to have the opportunity before the crazy of two girls begins!! 

Looking forward to: getting my house back in order! We are remodeling our bathroom and so rebeduthibg is shifted around and in disarray. We also moved the playroom to the laundry room and made the old “color room” baby sisters room. I can’t really get in there and finish it because it sort of got taken over in the remodel. I feel at a standstill and just want everything back in place right now!!! 

Hoping to post a couple of times before baby sister actually arrives! Wish me luck!! 
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