Saturday, February 24, 2018


Charlotte Ann!! Today you are 3!! I don’t know where the time has gone—one day you were my little bitty baby and today you seem so far removed from that. You are so kind and thoughtful and smart! You love things organized just so and you are a fierce negotiator. You pay attention to every little detail, which is often tedious but also so interesting for someone your age. You know your letters and most of their sounds, you can count to 20 (although the 14-18 sometimes get mixed up). You can say the pledge and spell your name. You think it’s great that you know every ones “real names” (catherine, forrest, etc). You love love to read—you want daddy to read you “lots” of books every night. Your favorites right now are probably the 5 minute princess stories, the Minnie Mouse I spy, and the Dora the explorer books. I’m amazed at how you have memorized them and can “read” them to us without missing a beat. You also love to color, play with your babies and “critters”, and boy do you love ballet!! You love your class at school and say that lily and Wes are your best friends. You always give me a report of what happened and who did what each day and I hope that never changes. on the days you want to stay home and have a “mommy day” as you call it, making it hard to get out the door, im secretly so happy you would rather stay home and snuggle with me. Although you started out life as the worst sleeper, you surely rock it now. Even though you try to stall going to sleep, you sleep hard and long and will cover your face with a pillow when we come to wake you up. You also like us to “sit with you one minute” before you fall asleep and that’s ok with me. This past year has been really tough on us all. You lost your great granddaddy and your pop. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with sadness that they will never get to know you as you grow up and to experience the joy that you bring to everyone; but other times I’m just so grateful that they got to know you even just a little bit because surely you touched their lives and made them better just as you have with the rest of us. You have also hit some pretty big girl milestones this year—you sleep in a big girl bed now and are potty trained! You love choosing your panties each day! You still
Have your “pass” and daddy is quite distraught but I know you will give it up in time. Each day we are amazed with how grown up you seem. Your vocabulary has gone in one year from little phrases and sentence fragments to full on conversations. I love when you say “actually” “also” and “difficult”. You have thoughts and opinions and I love hearing you chat or sing away. 
I can’t wait for you to be a big sister soon. You are so loving and sweet to baby sister right now and I know you love her so much. You have been a trooper as mommy has gone through morning sickness and especially now that I’m so big I have a hard time playing with you or carrying you. I love you so much for understanding. 
Please know how proud of you mommy and daddy are and how wonderful we truly think you are. I never want to forget how precious your littleness is and I really don’t want you to grow up—but you have to and I am so excited to have a front row seat to what I pray is the most wonderful life. I love you sweet baby girl. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Almost 35 week update

So since I wasn’t 35 weeks at my check up yesterday it was pretty routine-no checks or anything-which was ok by me except I have two more weeksbefore I go back and that makes me a little nervous! I will be 2 days shy of 37 weeks then and I was admitted 1 day shy of 37 weeks with Charlotte! I know the pregnancies aren’t the same but 37 weeks makes me a little wary. 
Baby sisters room is basically ready. I’m tying to start packing our bags for the hospital (with a lot less stuff than the first time, although I hadn’t packed yet when I had Charlotte). We need to get the car seat installed and then I think I will feel “ready”. 
I have already passed the weight I was when I delivered Charlotte so who knows how big I will be at my actual delivery. I also had low iron again so I have a new iron pill to take each day. I have lots of fun aches and pains in my legs and back and have acid reflux that will wake me up in the night (so gross). Baby sister is so low she makes me very uncomfortable—I did not feel this way with Charlotte! Despite all these things it has been a pretty good pregnancy and even though I’m sort of “over it” I’m nervous to have a new born again!! I am starting to get anxious about “starting over” by also excited to see a little baby grow up again not to mention watching g Charlotte enter her role as a big sister! 

This is Claire and I with southern mama at an event the weekend after I wrote this post. That dress was too small on me but I had no other options! I have had to order a few more things to get me through the month! 


February only has a few less days than other months but it sure does seem to fly by, especially since January crawled by so slowly. This was a fun month for us all! Charlotte is growing into quite a big girl and it’s so exciting! She can  spell her name and say the pledge of allegiance! She always asks me what the words in the pledge mean—have you ever explained republic to a 3 year old? I had to pull out my political science degree and mix it with some toddler old references. Im
Not certain I made any seebee but I’m quite positive she has no idea what a republic is regardless. 

She has started to say “My tummy is saying it is hungry”, or “my tummy is saying it wants some ice cream”. It’s quite humorous! She will also say “I am so sad. Some ice cream would make me feel better”. She has a sneaky way of trying to get exactly what she wants. I think it’s kind of smart actually! 

She is so excited to become a big sister!! She felt baby sister have hiccups and loved it. Her little face lit up with every hiccup. She Loves to talk to her and lay on my tummy and pet her. We organized all the hairbows one night and she was very generous with baby sister—I was really surprised! She also calls her baby cece which I think is adorable. Sort of like sissy I guess. 

This month Daddy came to school for dental health day and she was quite proud to show him off! She also got to celebrate her birthday at school and had peppa pig cookies and of course an outfit to match.

 Her “Turning 3 under the sea” birthday party was a smashing success. She loving having Ariel here and all of her little friends. She was adorable to watch! 

Discipline wise she is very good and a rule follower. I would say her main issues are not obeying right away and trying to negotiate out of something we tell
Her. She will also stall going to bed, but we sort of let her because it’s so sweet. She will say “mommy will you sit with me for one minute?”  It’s precious. 
On that note, ahe talks about time and the days of the week but I don’t think she has any clue what she is saying. She will y’all about doing things on “Friday” or whatever day but of course she doesn’t know when Friday was or is. 
My friends threw me a baby sprinkle got baby sister at the first of the month. It was fun to see everyone and of course to celebrate baby sister! 

Forrest went skiing with friends so Charlotte and I went with momsie to Birmingham to have a girls day with mimi for her birthday. We love you mimi! 

Forrest and I also went to mystery ball and art for heart with the smiths this past month. I always love getting fancy although it’s super hard in my current state of roundness!! 

We got to meet southern mama at art for heart! I also won a portrait package and a phot session in the live auction! 

We also celebrated our M with a beautiful shower. The wedding will be here before we know it!! 
Somehow February flew by while January crawled. We are looking forward to March with warm western, sunny skies, and baby sister! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

33 week update

Here I am at 32 weeks—sorry for the closet—we are are having the bathroom tile redone and so everything is shoved in the closet. 

Nothing too new to report from my 33 week check up. My iron was a touch low so I’m working on incorporating it into my diet better—more steak please!! Baby sister has turned and is head down and has dropped (a lot more after this picture). If you haven’t guessed, that makes me pretty uncomfortable, but I’m handling it. 
I’m not swelling yet which is great but I am already at the weight I was at when I delivered Charlotte. I know I’m supposed to gain but I don’t like to see numbers in the scale go that high. I know I can get it off later so I’m trying to enjoy these last weeks of eating and not worrying. 
I did have to go to I to the doctors office at 32 weeks for a quick ultrasound because I wasn’t feeling baby sister. Turns out that was when she turned and was no longer sideways so I was just feeling her differently. We saw her practice breathing and sucking her little thumb. She was hiding her face and Charlotte was saying “move that arm!” It was adorable. She was weighing in at 4 pounds which is more than Charlotte was at that point. She actually was small at my 33 week so it was a relief that baby sister was right on track. I feel like she might not stay in for the whole term and am getting a little nervous. I didn’t have to go into labor with Charlotte and I’m afraid my water will break somewhere embarrassing!! I have an induction scheduled for March 22, which is 39 weeks, and I hope I can make it that long!! I am sort of already feeling like a ticking time bomb!!! 
The best thing lately has been my baby sprinkle! We had dinner with some of my best girlfriends and had cupcakes and presents in honor of baby sister! The girls even tried to help me name her but we still haven’t decided. We have it narrowed to two, so that is at least progress!! 

Keep praying for baby sister to grow big and strong and to stay put a little longer!! 

January 2018

There was more sickness in our house in January that took Charlotte out for around a week, but despite all that we missed we had a fun yet freezing month together. 

We spent New Year’s Day getting baby sisters room together! It felt so good to see a little progress and start getting things in order for her. 

Charlotte went back to school potty trained!! She was so proud of herself and couldn’t wait to show her teachers her panties!! 

I turned 34! Gosh that sounds and old and kind of burning! Although I know there will be nothing morning about this year! Some sweet girlfriends took me out to celebrate. 

And then forrest and the Hayes took me out on the big day as well! We have the best meal at bottega! I have just a few more weeks to pregnancy eat so I definitely have been taking advantage. 

Alabama won the national championship in stressful fashion.  Forrest kept worrying my blood pressure would get too high or I would go into labor but baby sister and I maintained. It was a crazy game, one I would rather never relive, but we are thrilled to be national champions. All seems right with the world when Bama is on top!
Later that week forrest and I flew to aspen for our babymoon. Holy cow. What an amazing trip. The scenery was breathtaking, the food delicious, the spa magnificent, forrest says the skiing was awesome, and of course the company was the best. It was so nice for the two of us to get some one on one time doing things that we love together. We missed our sweet girl like crazy though, so much so  that we picked her up at 10pm, and we will even forgive her for crying when she told her she had to leave momsie. 

The spa at the st Regis. My home for two days!

I got to Sabre a champagne bottle! Who knew I was so skilled?! 

Having fun around snowmass

Just me and my love

We also hosted supper club this month. I was definitely not feeling up to coooing or having something at my house so we decided to take our group to the new top golf in Birmingham! It was a fab time!! 

Charlotte got a weird virus the next weekend that put us out of commission for the rest of the month, but after such a busy month it was nice to stay home and relax a little! 
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