Saturday, February 24, 2018


Charlotte Ann!! Today you are 3!! I don’t know where the time has gone—one day you were my little bitty baby and today you seem so far removed from that. You are so kind and thoughtful and smart! You love things organized just so and you are a fierce negotiator. You pay attention to every little detail, which is often tedious but also so interesting for someone your age. You know your letters and most of their sounds, you can count to 20 (although the 14-18 sometimes get mixed up). You can say the pledge and spell your name. You think it’s great that you know every ones “real names” (catherine, forrest, etc). You love love to read—you want daddy to read you “lots” of books every night. Your favorites right now are probably the 5 minute princess stories, the Minnie Mouse I spy, and the Dora the explorer books. I’m amazed at how you have memorized them and can “read” them to us without missing a beat. You also love to color, play with your babies and “critters”, and boy do you love ballet!! You love your class at school and say that lily and Wes are your best friends. You always give me a report of what happened and who did what each day and I hope that never changes. on the days you want to stay home and have a “mommy day” as you call it, making it hard to get out the door, im secretly so happy you would rather stay home and snuggle with me. Although you started out life as the worst sleeper, you surely rock it now. Even though you try to stall going to sleep, you sleep hard and long and will cover your face with a pillow when we come to wake you up. You also like us to “sit with you one minute” before you fall asleep and that’s ok with me. This past year has been really tough on us all. You lost your great granddaddy and your pop. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with sadness that they will never get to know you as you grow up and to experience the joy that you bring to everyone; but other times I’m just so grateful that they got to know you even just a little bit because surely you touched their lives and made them better just as you have with the rest of us. You have also hit some pretty big girl milestones this year—you sleep in a big girl bed now and are potty trained! You love choosing your panties each day! You still
Have your “pass” and daddy is quite distraught but I know you will give it up in time. Each day we are amazed with how grown up you seem. Your vocabulary has gone in one year from little phrases and sentence fragments to full on conversations. I love when you say “actually” “also” and “difficult”. You have thoughts and opinions and I love hearing you chat or sing away. 
I can’t wait for you to be a big sister soon. You are so loving and sweet to baby sister right now and I know you love her so much. You have been a trooper as mommy has gone through morning sickness and especially now that I’m so big I have a hard time playing with you or carrying you. I love you so much for understanding. 
Please know how proud of you mommy and daddy are and how wonderful we truly think you are. I never want to forget how precious your littleness is and I really don’t want you to grow up—but you have to and I am so excited to have a front row seat to what I pray is the most wonderful life. I love you sweet baby girl. 


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