Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Almost 35 week update

So since I wasn’t 35 weeks at my check up yesterday it was pretty routine-no checks or anything-which was ok by me except I have two more weeksbefore I go back and that makes me a little nervous! I will be 2 days shy of 37 weeks then and I was admitted 1 day shy of 37 weeks with Charlotte! I know the pregnancies aren’t the same but 37 weeks makes me a little wary. 
Baby sisters room is basically ready. I’m tying to start packing our bags for the hospital (with a lot less stuff than the first time, although I hadn’t packed yet when I had Charlotte). We need to get the car seat installed and then I think I will feel “ready”. 
I have already passed the weight I was when I delivered Charlotte so who knows how big I will be at my actual delivery. I also had low iron again so I have a new iron pill to take each day. I have lots of fun aches and pains in my legs and back and have acid reflux that will wake me up in the night (so gross). Baby sister is so low she makes me very uncomfortable—I did not feel this way with Charlotte! Despite all these things it has been a pretty good pregnancy and even though I’m sort of “over it” I’m nervous to have a new born again!! I am starting to get anxious about “starting over” by also excited to see a little baby grow up again not to mention watching g Charlotte enter her role as a big sister! 

This is Claire and I with southern mama at an event the weekend after I wrote this post. That dress was too small on me but I had no other options! I have had to order a few more things to get me through the month! 


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