Wednesday, February 21, 2018


February only has a few less days than other months but it sure does seem to fly by, especially since January crawled by so slowly. This was a fun month for us all! Charlotte is growing into quite a big girl and it’s so exciting! She can  spell her name and say the pledge of allegiance! She always asks me what the words in the pledge mean—have you ever explained republic to a 3 year old? I had to pull out my political science degree and mix it with some toddler old references. Im
Not certain I made any seebee but I’m quite positive she has no idea what a republic is regardless. 

She has started to say “My tummy is saying it is hungry”, or “my tummy is saying it wants some ice cream”. It’s quite humorous! She will also say “I am so sad. Some ice cream would make me feel better”. She has a sneaky way of trying to get exactly what she wants. I think it’s kind of smart actually! 

She is so excited to become a big sister!! She felt baby sister have hiccups and loved it. Her little face lit up with every hiccup. She Loves to talk to her and lay on my tummy and pet her. We organized all the hairbows one night and she was very generous with baby sister—I was really surprised! She also calls her baby cece which I think is adorable. Sort of like sissy I guess. 

This month Daddy came to school for dental health day and she was quite proud to show him off! She also got to celebrate her birthday at school and had peppa pig cookies and of course an outfit to match.

 Her “Turning 3 under the sea” birthday party was a smashing success. She loving having Ariel here and all of her little friends. She was adorable to watch! 

Discipline wise she is very good and a rule follower. I would say her main issues are not obeying right away and trying to negotiate out of something we tell
Her. She will also stall going to bed, but we sort of let her because it’s so sweet. She will say “mommy will you sit with me for one minute?”  It’s precious. 
On that note, ahe talks about time and the days of the week but I don’t think she has any clue what she is saying. She will y’all about doing things on “Friday” or whatever day but of course she doesn’t know when Friday was or is. 
My friends threw me a baby sprinkle got baby sister at the first of the month. It was fun to see everyone and of course to celebrate baby sister! 

Forrest went skiing with friends so Charlotte and I went with momsie to Birmingham to have a girls day with mimi for her birthday. We love you mimi! 

Forrest and I also went to mystery ball and art for heart with the smiths this past month. I always love getting fancy although it’s super hard in my current state of roundness!! 

We got to meet southern mama at art for heart! I also won a portrait package and a phot session in the live auction! 

We also celebrated our M with a beautiful shower. The wedding will be here before we know it!! 
Somehow February flew by while January crawled. We are looking forward to March with warm western, sunny skies, and baby sister! 

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