Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Frances is 2 months old

This having two babies thing isn’t for the faint of heart! I feel like I’m always getting someone down for a nap or feeding one of them. I will say that recently I have started to feel slightly more comfortable and like I have a tiny bit of control. 
Frances is such a sweet baby. This month she started smiling and has the big open mouth smiles that will melt your heart! She of course smiled at my mom first, just like Charlotte did. She has also started to coo and just talks and talks. It is the sweetest sound and makes me so ready for her to laugh! She definitely experienced the week 8 wonder week recently. She stopped sleeping as well at night and was taking short naps and wanted me to hold her for most of them. I knew what was going on because Charlotte experienced them in the same way, but that doesn’t make them easy. You just have to suck it up and get through! She is starting to get control of her arms and legs and has been trying so hard to suck her thumb. She also likes kicking her feet in her sink bath and we practice sticking out our tounges in the mirror. She has a night time routine where I give her a sink bath and then she takes a bottle and goes to sleep. It seems to be working well. For naps she has started sleeping in her crib (she is in the rock and play in our room for nights). I swaddle her and our her in the dock a tot in the crib and she goes to sleep with her paci and watching her projector with the sound machine on. This is something Charlotte would never do I so I was determined (even though I ended up being reluctant to start) to let Frances learn to fall asleep on her own. I actually think it’s just something she is ok with doing and that Charlotte was not, not actually something I can take credit for. I can take credit for the cool sound machine projector that I found. I noticed she would stare at the tv and get sleepy eyed so I found a projector that puts a moving scene on her ceiling and she watches until she drifts off. I have to put the paci in a few times but otherwise she does pretty well during nap. 
She loves to look at the blinds just like Charlotte did and she really really loves to watch Charlotte! C will sing and dance and talk to her and she will just stare at her and smile. I can’t wait to watch these two sisters bond! Charlotte loves Frances so much and still wants to hold her and help with her. 


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