Sunday, June 10, 2018

3 months of Frances

Tha has been a big month for our sweet girl!! She is smiling and talking up a storm. She squeals and coos and it’s just an amazing sound! She loves to smile and does so with her whole face—you can’t help but smile right back. 

She loves watching Charlotte and will just stare and smile at her. 

I try to get Charlotte to sing for her or dance and she loves to loves on her as well. She actually changed her diaper “all by herself” one day and was so excited and proud of herself. We are definitely blessed to have such a sweet big sister and helper and she makes it so easy to juggle the 2 of them. She never acts jealous or mean to Frances. She is so in love with her. It does hurt my heart when I have to tell her I can’t lay with her or do something with her because I have to attend the baby’s needs first but she handles it so so well. 
Frances had her first over night trip this month to Mimi’s house. She was such a good and easy going girl and was sweet to all the family who came to see her. She also had her first swim in the pool! It was cold so she didn’t stay long nor was she a big fan but it was fun to see her and Charlotte In their matching suits and Charlotte loved having her in the pool with her. 

She also had her first trip to the beach! I was dreading the ride down because Charlotte screamed the entire way her first time. Frances didn’t make a peep. She slept or looked out the window the entire time and was just as content as she could be thankfully! 

While at the beach she also laughed for the first time! She did it for Forrest and it was the sweetest sound! Next she laughed for momsie of course. For me, however, she rolled over!! She has been trying for a while and she was on the couch and mastered it! That may have made it slightly easier but I’m going to count it. She is getting really strong and is lifting her chest off the floor. 

I have started letting her sit in the bumbo and she loves it! 

She tries to pull up to sit (she can’t of course) and so we will help her pull up and then she pushes her legs to try to stand. I remember Charlotte doing this too. She wants to see everything so you better not lay her down!! She has to be in the mix!! 
She is taking 3 naps pretty solidly right now and is awake for an hour after she first wakes up and then an hour and a half the other times. This makes it pretty hard to do anything because we don’t have that much awake time and I like for her to take her naps at home in her bed so she gets good sleep. I know this will change in a few months so I’m trying to enjoy it even though it’s inconvenient for a lot of things. Luckily I have lots of help!! 
I love how she is growing and changing. It makes me excited for her to hurry and do all the other fun things I know are coming! At the same time I want to savor this baby stage because it goes so so fast. Yes it is so hard but it’s precious and fleeting and it feels like a blessing that I get to do it all over again and savor it. The tiredness is hard and I’m sort of tied to her and stuck at home a lot and miss out on things but I am not missing out on these sweet times that I will never get back so that makes it all worth it. 
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