Friday, July 6, 2018

4 months with Frances

Our little critter is growing so quickly! She is the happiest, smiliest Little thing and just warms all of our hearts. She loves to babble and talk and will go on for a longtime just talking to us or even to herself. She has really nice conversations with the ceiling fan! She is always watching Charlotte and smiles so big when she sees her. I hope this means she will always look up to her big sister. Charlotte is still in love with her and always wants to hold her.

 In the past month Frances has hit some pretty big milestones! She learned to roll from tummy to back and the next day she went from back to front. She can even roll a complete 360 barrel roll but I think those are usually accidental. 

She has found her toes and likes to raise and lower her feet and stare at them. She is just about always chewing her hands which worries me that teeth are in our immediate future.

 She still loves standing up and now prefers her bumbo seat to the bouncer as she is more upright and can see better. When prooped on her back with pillows (like on the bed or couch) she can pull herself up to sitting position and of course promptly topples over. I have noticed her attempting to reach for things a time or two (or at least I think she was trying) but she really isn’t holding or grabbing things yet. We have transitioned her to the baby tub from a bath on the counter because she was rolling so much and boy does she like being in the water the whole time! She kicks her little feet and just grins the whole time! 

She is still on 3 naps a day and will be for the next few months I would imagine. She currently sleeps in a dock a tot in her crib for naps and we move it to the bassinet next to my side of the bed for light time. She still needs her paci and swaddle although hoping to break the swaddle habit soon since she can roll, although she hasn’t rolled in her sleep. 

At her check up she was 13 pounds 13 ounces and 26 inches long, which is lighter yet longer than Charlotte was atthat age. The doctor thinks her birth mark onthe back of her thigh is really a hemangioma so we are watching it but it shouldn’t cause any issues and will go away on its own. Otherwise she is just perfect. 

She also started cereal and baby food this month! I think Charlotte was more excited. When I called for her to come help me feed her she ran up screaming “cereal time it’s cereal time!” Frances loved food right away and was really great and eating so she moved to baby food after just a few days. 

First cereal 

First baby food-bananas! 

Happy baby, full tummy. 

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