Friday, August 10, 2018

Frances is 5 months

Well this month flew by just like the others and like they say, babies don’t keep! Miss Frances has changed so much in the past couple of weeks! She is reaching and grabbing for things and putting them in her mouth.

 She is also started to reach for books when we are reading to “turn” the pages. I have noticed her turning to us when we call her name but I am not sure if she recognizes it or if she just turns because she hears our voices. She has been rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy but she is working on rolling from back to tummy towards her right—before she was only rolling left. She can also scoot around on her belly (sort of like a watch hand) to get something she wants. She also loves to blow raspberries and it is pretty adorable except when she is eating. Speaking of eating, she loves it! Other than green beans she has liked all the foods she has tried (apples, bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots). 

(Her feelings on green beans) 

When she wakes up (which lates has been around 9:30), she nurses and then eats some baby food. After her morning nap she will nurse (although this month she has sometimes gone on a nursing strike) and then I will top her off with formula. Usually she just has a “liquid lunch” for that feeding because most of her nutrients should come from the milk. Then after nap 2 she has more milk and a little food. Then after nap 3 she will have milk, food mixed with cereal, and then I top her up with some formula before bed. This has been pretty much her schedule for a while, although at 19 weeks she went off the rails for a while and only wanted to take 2 naps and to stay awake longer. After about a week she settled back down and so we will be working on a new schedule since Charlotte starts back to school. She still sleeps in her dock a tot with paci but during her crazy week she decided she no longer wantd to be swaddled, which was great since she needed to drop it anyway. She just sleeps in feetie pajamas and that seems to work for her. 

She still absolutely loves when you sing to her and enjoys baths and watching Charlotte play. Her face lights up when Charlotte talks and plays with her—it’s the sweetest! 

Frances does not like to be out of the loop and prefers to be upright so she really likes the jumpy and the exersaucer. 

We are sad that Charlotte is starting back to school. I have so enjoyed my days with these sweet girls and I know Frances will be wondering where big sister is! 

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