Monday, September 10, 2018


Summer is over and we are so sad! We have squeezed every last drop of fun out of this 2018 summer and I think we did it quite well! 

All 4 of us went to the August first Friday. It was nice to stroll and be out of the house for a bit. Charlotte of course loved the popsicles. 

That same weekend we went to a wedding for one of Forrest’s assistants. Charlotte had a big time although was sad she didn’t catch the bouquet. The bride brought her a special rose and that made her feel much better about the situation. 

We had a girls day at Mimi’s! Charlotte got to swim with Mary rose and we all got to meet our newest cousin Macey! It was a hectic day but a sweet one. I even managed an emergency potty stop for Charlotte all by myself! 

Charlotte had her 3k open house and meet the teacher day. She had been worried about going to 3k all summer but you wouldn’t have known it from her behavior that day! She went right on in and played excitedly with her friends. Her teachers are mrs Abbie and mrs Billie, who was my teachers aid in kindergarten! 

That evening we hosted a pool party for Charlotte’s classmates. They had a blast! I hope we will can continue to do this each year! 

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