Thursday, October 11, 2018

7 months of Frances

Our sweet girl is 7 months old! She seems so grown yet I love knowing that she is going to stay a sweet snuggly baby for a while longer! 

She loves eating real food! She eats roughly 4 times a day, starting with a 6oz bottle. Then she usually gets about 4 jars of baby food plus real food. She loves bananas and avocados, watermelon, toast, and she will pretty much try anything we give her at this point. Here she was loving broccoli like her big sister. Also notice her hair in this picture—it’s starting to grow! Her eyes are getting darker and her hair is actually getting lighter! 

She loves being read to and sung to. She has just started to turn the pages in the books we read to her. 

This toy in her hands is her “chew toy”. It goes everywhere she does. She chews so hard I have been convinced her teeth are coming but forrest doesn’t feel anything! She seeks content when she has it in her car seat and I like her to have that rather than her paci so she doesn’t fall asleep. 

This kk Th she has gotten her balance to sit up! If you sit her on the floor she will sit continuously without falling over. She has started to walk her hands toward toys but no crawling attempts from this position yet. She does sort of army call and drag herself to toys when on her tummy but not very well. She can scoot her knees under her but can’t get up on her hands yet. 
I’m wanting her to crawl to check off the milestone but really crawling makes life difficult on mommy so I don’t mind her being stationary right now. All in good time. 

Francie had her first trip to tuscaloosa! It was so hot but she was a trooper riding in her stroller. She got to see part of campus and the stadium and the new aopi house. 

A new long horn restaurant opened in town and Frances quite enjoyed the crusty bread and light fixtures in the ceiling. 

I pulled out some of the sitting toys and she was so excited!! She loved this little ball bounce game. Charlotte knows these were her toys but doesn’t seem possessive. She just wants to show Frances the correct way to play with them. 

We pulled this out and moms and she loved being able to stand and play! Her little feet just danced and she would light up so big while playing. 

She got to go to her first birthday party this month! We celebrated our sweet neighbor watts’ 5th birthday at the sport zone. Frances loved watching the other kids play and enjoyed eating a pizza crust. 

Frances has decided to fight her naps for the past week and rather than sit home and fret over it we have gone shopping and she also went to the nail salon for the first time. She was seemingly unimpressed. I don’t know what to do for her when she doesn’t want to nap and I can’t make her so we just roll with it. Since she sleeps well at night I really don’t want to complain! 
I also had to buy her new pajamas this month—9-12 months! She is gettting to tall!! She’s also in a size 3 diaper but I think we will need to move up a size soon. 

I can’t believe I am starting to think about first birthday parties. Time is getting away from me! I at the same time want to bottle up her babyness and keep her that way forever (whenever I talk about her growing up Charlotte gets upset and says she wants her to stay her baby forever) and also I want her to keep growing so I can see what all she can do and who she is! I know what fun things are coming so part of me wants to hurry those things along. Right now I’m trying to just hold on to time for dear life and cherish every second with my sweet peas. 

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