Thursday, October 4, 2018


What a fun month we had! We were clinging onto summer with all of our might! We started the month off at the beach. Charlotte loves the beach and so we decided we should take our first real trip with just the 4 of us. It was such a fun time together. We also got to see Uncle Tom and aunt paula for dinner one night. Frances got some time on the beach and in the pool and Charlotte got to have some fun time with daddy at the arcade. The only negative was the ride home—traffic was so awful! The girls handled it very well but we will never leave on Labor Day again! 

Charlotte and I got to go to the princess party at the bjcc. It was such a fun time fort he two of us! I was so proud of how Charlotte ha does herself, as there was some time the girls were to be away from their parents. She was so cute—scooting up to the front of the stage, wanting to be atthe front of the action. She danced with the princesses, got pictures, had her hand painted, and got some candy. She was in hog heaven!! 

That afternoon we went to momsies to visit with Roy and ann and watch the alabama game. We also got to go to dinner with them that night. Forrest went to the game but came and met us at the restaurant. 

Frances started eating solid foods this month. She loves banana, avocado, and bread. I can’t believe she is growing so quickly. Time has gone much faster this second time for sure. 

One Saturday we were thrilled to be invited to the lake by our friend Brett Sitz and his wife Kayla and their children. We got to spend time with friends from high school and enjoyed catching up and meeting their families. Charlotte was so brave and went tubing! I was so proud of her! She was smiling so big and kept wanting to go faster!! 

Sadly, we lost our sweet sonny boy this month. He had liver cancer and we are all just so sad. Charlotte wanted to know how he got to heaven, who took him, and if she was going to haveto go. It’s so hard to explain these things to her and I always worry that I am messing it up. 

We celebrated papa b’s birthday! Theo girls just love him and he is always so sweet and attentive to them. I love that he and mama b keep Frances on Tuesday for me while I’m at court. They just love their time together. 

The 4 of us went to tuscaloosa the weekend of the Texas a&m game. We got to stay at dr bucks fabulous house for the weekend which was so nice! It was the first time the 4 of us bunked in one room and I was concerned but the girls did great! It was so hot so forrest went to the game while I stayed with our napping girls. We did get to stroll around campus a little and visit the new aopi house. We also got to watch the elephant stomp, which Charlotte loved, although the rain meant that big al had to miss out. On the way out of town we stopped and introduced the girls to our favorite, the waysider!

Forrest and I rounded out the month at the bengals/falcons game in Atlanta. Dre Kirkpatrick got us tickets and we were thrilled to watch him play and to get a fun parents day out. It was the longest I had left Frances but she and Charlotte were in good hands with mrs jill. The game was awesome and the atmosphere was so fun! I hope we will be able to go to more nfl games in the future!
Now that October is here we are slowing accepting that it’s fall (although it’s still hot). The nights are starting earlier, it’s cooler in the mornings, we are pretty set in our school routine. And speaking of that routine, I want to write it so I don’t forget where we were at this point in our lives. On Monday’s and Wednesday’s  I’m home with the girls, and so Frances and I take Charlotte to school at 9 and pick her up at 1. In between I usually do housework and frances plays and takes a nap. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have court at the city at 8, so forrest takes Charlotte to early care before he starts work at 830. The baileys keep Frances on Tuesday’s and mrs Gail keeps her on Thursday. Frances and I go get her still. On Fridays both girls are home and I love our “lazy stay home” days together, as Charlotte says. On Tuesday’s Charlotte has ballet at 430 so my mom comes and stays with Frances and forrest and o have been trying to have a date night afterwards. On Wednesday’s forrest gets done at 4 and we try to do something fun together, like goingto eat or to the store. Saturday’s are of course dependent on football now and on Sunday’s typically Forrest and Charlotte go to church while I stay with a napping Frances. Then we all meet up at the baileys for lunch. After a nap at home we go to momsies for dinner. This may not super exciting but this is our life right now and I never want to forget the sweet simplicity of it. 


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