Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Frances is 8 months old!

My my my what a big month!!! Frances has been growing up so quickly this month I hope I don’t forget to list what all she can do!!

Finally she has a tooth! I have blamed any negative behavior of hers on teeth for months but finally one has arrived. She honestly didn’t act that awful, just a little fussy, but no more so than usual. No fever, no dirty diapers, maybe a little sleep weirdness but I’m not sure I can blame the tooth. She barely lets us see it but it’s there! I’m praying that since this one didn’t give her many issues the rest will be smooth sailing, but that might be wishful thinking! 

She also learned to crawl! Granted she isn’t great at it and after a few crawls she belly plants but she is getting there. She can crawl and drag and roll herself to just about anything she wants so we have to be extra careful and the baby proofing is underway! 

She also sat herself up from the floor once but just that one time, but I know that will probably be her next trick, and one she will be thrilled to master. Sometimes she gets so annoyed with laying down! She wants to be able to sit and see everything! She still really likes her jumpy and can really get some air! Charlotte never really jumped much in hers so it has been fun to watch frances really get after it. Because she is so mobile she really likes playing downstairs because it’s so open; plus she has lots of Charlotte’s toys to get after. We can bribe her to crawl with Charlotte’s things or Charlotte’s cup. We have introduced a sippy to frances and she can either take it or leave it. She does really like drinking water out of our open cups too. It’s precious to see her open her mouth wide and lean towards the cup. 

She has also started to say ba ba ba. It doesn’t mean anything that I can tell but it’s her first really consistent syllable. I try to y’all to her all the time and tell her what I am doing so she can learn lots of words. I also have started turning on preschool prep videos in the background while we play downstairs. I know Charlotte picked up a lot just from having these on so I figured we may as well try again. I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about how many things she has to learn!

She is typically a good natured baby and will play on her own some while I get things done. She also loves being read to (the lift the flap number book and the alpha prints alphabet books are he current favorites) and sung to. We usually are singing or have Alexa playing some music. Twinkle twinkle is her favorite. 
This past month, well really 6 weeks, has been tough nap wise. She has gone through a nap transition and now she stays awake for 3 hour intervals and 4 hours before bed. This is super nice because we can actually leave the house! Before we didn’t have much time becuzae she ate for most of the awake time but now we can run errands. It took a while to shake out but I think she is finally settling into a new routine. She takes 2 naps and usually sleeps all night. Occasionally she will wake up around 930/10 and want to be awake for a while and that is super frustrating! I have been driving her around the circle to try to get her to go back down and sometimes it works immediately and others not so much. 

She is still a great eater and has tried more and more foods! She loves noodles and wild rice, all kids of fruits and veggies. I think that dairy hurts her stomach so we have stopped giving her cheese for now and she had an allergic reaction to eggs so those are on the no list as well. She currently eats 4 meals a day, just like Charlotte. 

Speaking of Charlotte I haven’t really given an update on what she is up to lately. She is the sweetest happiest little 3 year old. She is so smart and she loves her sister. I can’t get over some of the things she knows and says! She goes to her school 4 days a week. On mondays they have Spanish, and on tuesdays and Wednesday’s she has music. She loves everything about school and always comes home with tales to tell. She tells me the leader, what center she was in and with whom, and all the details of who did what. They do lots of work in her class and I know she is learning so much! Also she has ballet on Tuesday afternoons and she just loves it! She is slowly losing her baby words (we lost “effalent” for elephant this month) and it makes me really sad. There is not much baby left in her and although I miss it I do love getting to know the little girl she is becoming. 

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