Friday, November 30, 2018

November 2018

Honestly I don’t know what happened to November. It flew right past us and if I didn’t have pictures I wouldn’t believe it! 

Charlotte, I mean Elsa and I started the month off with a trip to Birmingham to see Disney on ice! Truth be told I have wanted to see it since I was little (I still don’t know why my mom wouldn’t take me). Charlotte was sick in January when we had tickets so when the “frozen on ice” came around I knew we had to go. We had front row seats and I’m so glad we did—it was fantastic! It snows during the show and Charlotte loved dancing in it. 

The characters interacted with her and she was just in heaven. 

I was so grateful for a chance for some special one on one time with her. She is such a great sister—engaged, patient, and kind, and she really should be rewarded. As the oldest sister, I know how she feels, so I try to be mindful about how taking care of the baby affects her. I always try to praise her behavior so she knows that I am appreciative and that I do notice what she does. 

That evening forrest and I had a date night to the autumnal ball, which we love because of the breakfast buffet. It was a fun little night out together and with our friends! 

The next weekend we had another date day to go to tuscaloosa for the Alabama v. Mississippi state game. It was super cold but we were half to run into some friends and of course that we got to see the tide win! It has been a fun season watching the team excel with tua as quarterback and I am definitely spoiled! 

Monday after the game was Veterans Day. Charlotte didn’t have school so we got to stay home in pajamas, bake cookies (and watch Frances devour her first era one) and call our favorite veteran, papa Harold. 

That Friday night we went to the smiths for sushi and fun! Now that Frances is staying away longer we can go more places in the evening. Both girls loved playing with Henry and he is always so sweet to engage with them. 

The next night Charlotte and I went to the downtown dance conservatory production of the nutcracker. Charlotte was excited all week about it and she absolutely loved watching it! The girls was beautiful and it made me tears thinking about Charlotte being up there one day! 

On Monday night we braved the cold to watch Henry’s last soccer game. Charlotte was thrilled to cheer for her favorite player!! 

It was a great months for mommy and Charlotte dates! We also went to Sesame Street live! She loved the characters and the show was really good, especially the dancers! 

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