Thursday, December 20, 2018

9 months

Frances seems like such a big girl now! Obviously still a baby big girl, but she is growing up so quickly. She can crawl and pull up and even cruise. Occasionally she will just let go and try to balance but she isn’t good at it yet. She wants to be on the move and can’t stand to be out of the action. This makes it super hard for me to get anything done because she doesn’t want to be confined but she can’t be left alone. 

She started sleeping in her crib all night last week. She had been napping in her crib but at night I would pick her and the dock a tot up after she was asleep and carry her to our room and let her sleep in a bassinet beside me. However since she got to where she could push up on the side that became dangerous so she had to be a big girl and stay in her room. Turns out she didn’t mind one bit, and she didn’t care about me taking the dock a tot either. Mommy had a harder time than Frances! It has been a good thing, though, because her sleep had gotten a little off and I had to drive her around in the car a lot to get her to go back to sleep. In the crib, however, she just rolls around and finds her paci and is general able to get back to sleep easily. We have learned, however, that the only paci she wants is her elephant. Davis and Megumi gave her some new ones as an early Christmas gift (since she went in the crib st night earlier than I planned) but she doesn’t want anything to do with them. This makes it hard at night when she can’t find the one she likes but she surely will learn to like the others. 

She has been eating well as usual and lately her new favorite food is blueberries. We cut them in half and she just gobbles them up! She had an allergic reaction to eggs last month and this month the doctor said to wait and try them again after a year and if she reacts we will visit the allergist. 

Speaking of the doctor, she had her 9 month check up on the 17. She was 19 pounds and 5 ounces and 29 inches long. After reviewing the questionnaire the doctor said she seems ahead of the game physically which made me smile. 

She is also saying dada and baba and will scream mamamama when she wants to get out of her bed. I don’t know that these words mean anything yet but it’s sweet to hear her babble. Sometimes she will wake up and just lay in her bed and “talk” for a while. 

She is still so smoky and snuggly and sweet. My cousin says she is like a little koala because she will just latch onto you. She loves Charlotte and wants everything that she has, which is aggravating to Charlotte but she is handling it so well. They are starting to play together and it is just the most wonderful thing to watch. 

I’m so excited about Christmas next week with these two! It will be hectic but oh so fun. Stay tuned! 

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