Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Charlotte lately

Frances has been getting most of the post attention lately but I would be remiss to not take a little time to jot down some notes about my sweet Charlotte! Here is a little info on my big girl! 

Eats: just about everything, but when she wants. Her favorite is definitely watermelon, which was her very first food. She likes many fruits and veggies (cucumbers are her favorite), loves noodles and cheese, and of course loves desserts. She drinks juice and milk and loves water with crushed ice. It takes her forever to eat because she talks the entire time and usually gets off task and starts wandering around. 

Sleeps: she still takes a great nap every afternoon and sleeps well at night. She likes to stay up late and sleep in just like her mom. 

Color: pink, although she would say “all the colors”
Movie: frozen, and Elsa is her favorite princess
Show: she likes to binge watch tv, meaning she watches one show for several days and then moves to another favorite. Right now she likes shopkins (ugh), super why, cat in the hat, and pj masks. Other tops are peppa pig, doc mcstuffins, and Minnie Mouse. 
Toys: she loves hatchimals and lol surprise dolls and likes to make a “video” as she opens them. She is always plays and talking with her dolls and barbies, loves puzzles and coloring and really likes cutting with scissors. She is constantly in a costume or accessorized. 
Books: I don’t know if she has a favorite but she likes to choose a long one so she doesn’t have to go to bed. And and forrest read each night while I am getting frances to sleep. 
Place: the beach and Disney world! She asks to go all the time. 
Friends: she always talks about wes, lily, violet and Jane but she enjoys all of her little school friends, plus Harper and baby Becca. 

She is really the sweetest, most tender hearted thing. She will ask the most thoughtful questions (like why didn’t mary and Joseph build a door so the animals couldn’t get in the barn around baby Jesus) and sometimes talks about my daddy in heaven. She is very obedient and compliant and I sometimes I forget she is little. I love it when she uses pronouns incorrectly and “that’s the biggest thing I ‘never’ seen”. She loves her baby sister and will cuddle her and baby talk to her. She is the reason we call her “Francie”. She does a great job sharing with her and understanding when my attention has to be divided or focused mostly on the baby. She also is great at bossing her around but that helps me sometimes because she knows if she is doing anything dangerous.
She likes to go tothe climbing gym, Waffle House, and ballet. She also really likes staying at my moms although she hasn’t done it in a while. When she goes she gets too excited to sleep so we try to limit that for my moms sake! She doesn’t like knowing that things get lost or thrown away; her memory is incredible and she loves a process and routine. She gets upset about change and occasional afraid to try something new. I love that she still loves it when forrest and I “fight” over her. 

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