Monday, February 4, 2019

11 months

Wow this month was a big one! Our baby started walking!! Just a few days after she tuned 10 months she was taking steps. She started with a few to forrest and now she is walking across the room! I am so proud of  her progress!! When she started doing it I just started crying. It doesn’t seem right that she can walk. I know she has so much babyness in her but this is a big milestone. After watching Charlotte turn into a little girl from a baby it makes me sad to watch frances start doing it too. 

Walking to papa b for a cookie

Also this month she added some new words. She can say “baby” and will say “nyeh nyeh nyeh” for no no no and will shake her finger. She will also hold up 1 finger when you ask how old she is. She has started waving (the correct way) and can point out toys when you ask for them. We also think she knows the color blue, as she always picks the blue ball when we ask her for it. She can do “what does an elephant say” but raising her hand and making a trumpet sound. She gets so proud of herself! She gives the sweetest open mouth kisses and can give you a nose kiss in command. She will also hug a toy when you ask her to love it. 

She still sleeps well and is now firmly back on two naps. She will go down awake for everyone but mommy—she prefers that I stroll her around the house before falling asleep. It doesn’t usually take long and I don’t generally mind. She sleeps in her crib with her paci and pillow and usually takes a bottle of milk before going down. 

Meal times are usually easy with her as she eats most anything. Her favorites are blackberries followed by strawberries and blue berries, but she likes most fruit including peaches pears and grapes. She really likes green beans and green peas and eats plenty of other veggies. I try to give her some of what we eat if it’s appropriate and she typically gobbles anything down. She still gets baby food occassionally and still seems to enjoy it, although sometimes she would rather feed herself. 

We really need to work on drinking from a cup and transitioning off of formula but part of me just isn’t ready to do that yet. Similarly I don’t want to put her in the big girl car seat despite the fact her infant carrier weighs a ton now. It’s just so easy to have her in it when I have both girls but I know my time is pretty much up with that luxury. 

As for play time she is in to everything. She really enjoys pop up books or any kind where she can touch and feel different textures. She also enjoys pulling all the books off of her shelves. She likes carrying around Charlotte’s bay dolls and watching her Mickey Mouse doll dance and sing. She will always find the remote if your phone to chew, as well as Charlotte’s shoes. If Charlotte has it frances wants it, so usually I have Charlotte let her see it for a second because frances usually hands it back to her. She does pick up here toy phone and hold it to her ear, and will do that with any toy of if you say “hello”. She is still mesmerized by brownie and loves to pet her. 

I have been trying to remember to put in a preschool prep dvd when we are downstairs playing, just to have on in the background. They really helped Charlotte learn and I don’t want to miss an opportunity. 
Frances really doesn’t like to be confined anymore so gone are the days of me putting her in her jumpy when I am trying to get things done. Now she is on the move and climbing whatever she can find! 

I am working 4 mornings a week right now so she has sitters and she seems to do just fine with them. I hate not being with her but know the different interactions are great for her. 
She wears a size 5 diaper and 12-18 month clothes. I really should say pajamas rather than clothes because I almost never change her out of them. We just rotate from one pair to the next. I absolutely love dressing my girls but for her during the day it’s easier if she just wears feetie pajamas, especially since she always pulls her socks off. 

Playing “where’s frances”, one of her favorite games! 

I can’t believe that next month our baby love will be one! She is truly a delight and her little smile lights up our hearts. 

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